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Top Model

28 Feb


And another life drawing from this week’s session – I was on a roll! I sat up on the plans chest for this one, looking from above and from a fairly acute angle to my left. The model was sitting on a small chair and his right foot was bent in a very awkward way, but it didn’t seem to bother him, he kept at it for an hour. Models are amazing, they’re not given the recognition they deserve IMHO.

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I used a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a free Markers app.

Colouring In

7 Oct


I tried something new (for me) this evening. I scanned a monochrome life drawing I did some time ago and uploaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8. I loaded it into the free Markers app and coloured it in. Great fun.

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This is one of my favourite models, an older woman who is very curvaceous, a joy to draw. It’s interesting to portray an elder in this way, challenging stereotypes.

New Model (Female Nude )

27 Jun


I worked with a new model at life drawing this week. She is great and looks like she could have modelled for Egon Shiele a hundred years ago. It takes a while to get used to a new model. I usually have to try out different techniques.

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I drew this with the Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8, saving frequently to build up a slideshow of the development of the drawing.

A New Model

23 May

23 karen 1

I like drawing a new model because I haven’t had a chance to lapse into visual shorthand so I take more risks. So this evening, in the life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, I got out my dip pen and white ink, a piece of thick Bockingford prepared with a black ink wash and scribbled away. The pen did NOT like the white ink, which is much claggier than black ink and kept blotting. So I watered it down a bit and then it was too translucent, so I had to keep going over the lines. Never mind, I enjoyed drawing the pose a few times over half an hour, but switched to black ink onto a creamy Somerset for the one-hour pose. The dip pen liked it much more.

23 karen 2

A Left Leaning Lady Scribbled Leftily

13 Dec

Life drawing in soft pastels.

I think I’ve mentioned before that it’s good practice to draw with the ‘other’ hand, in my case, the left. It engages the other side of your brain and makes you look at the subject and drawing in a different way. I find that I’m more analytical and the drawing is in some ways more technical when I do this, while the line is less accurate and more wobbly, so there’s an interesting tension going on in the drawing.

This is one of our fabulous group of life models drawn onto a large piece of brown wrapping paper in soft chalky pastels.

Double Difficulty: Drawing Two Models.

9 Dec

Drawing in conte crayon: male and female.


Oooh this was a tough one. We were lucky enough to have a couple model for us at life drawing group last night but what a challenge. Two heads = two portraits. Four hands and four feet = one heck of a lot of work! It’s hard to focus in on what’s the most important – do you try and get both people in or concentrate on one? The proportions and perspective are much more complicated and then there’s the extreme difference between African and Caucasian skin tones – so where do you start? And end? What HAS to be included and what can you leave out? It’s unfair to expect the models to hold a pose for twice as long as normal, so in effect you have half the time you’d normally spend drawing each person.

This is the only drawing I’m happy to show and I’m not that pleased with it; it’s okay. The others are strictly practice and very sketchy, focussing on the technicalities of fitting the figures together rather than trying to make a piece of art that works well. It’s done in conte crayons in white, sanguine and black into a large cream sketchbook, using both pages. As you can see from all the wrong lines, it was really challenging. Good exercise though – wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Wrinkles! [caution – male nude]

2 Dec

Chalk and Charcoal: male nude.

It’s nice to work with a veriety of models of all ages, fascinating to see the human body going through different phases. This is an experienced older model whose body wrinkles up beautifully. I know that goes against what’s currently our culture’s idea of beauty, but I like it – great to draw a body and face like this. It’s just a quick sketch using chalk and compressed charcoal onto a large sheet of brown parcel wrapping paper. I know it’s not archival quality paper, but sometimes it’s nice to use something really cheap because it frees you up, you’re not inhibited by the cost of a pristine new piece of artpaper. It’s also nice to work on a darker ground, white can be inhibiting. I think I might work this up as a 3 colour monotype sometime.

A Dragon Kimono

15 Oct

Ink drawing: The Dragon Kimono.

Sometimes in the life drawing group we draw the models with their clothes on, just for a change. Some of our models are quite flamboyant characters and have some intriguing clothes with them. This model had a fabulous kimono with a Dragon and flowers embroidered all over it. Here she is with the robe in the life drawing studio at Swansea Print Workshop.

The drawing is in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into an A3 Cotman sketchbook.


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