Here’s a digital drawing of a strange little fella. S/he will be appearing on Twitter tomorrow on #MacroinvertebrateMonday. Check it out 😀

Bish Bash Bosh!

Liek many artists, I supplement my income through teaching part-time. One thing that’s become very obvious over the years is that so many people genuinely have no idea how long it takes to make an artwork. There’s a popular image that artists sit down (SIT? I wish!) and go “bish, bash, bosh” and behold –Continue reading “Bish Bash Bosh!”

Keeping On Keeping On

  Carrying on with my digital drawing of three weird squashes, I started adding some shadows and details using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a free Markers app. One of the advantages to digital drawing is that you can hit the SAVE button frequently and get a record of the drawing as it develops….

A Little Bit More

  I’m carrying on with the digital drawing of my three wacky squashes I started yesteday. It’s a primitive drawing package, but it’s fine for what I want it for, quick little studies. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a free Markers app.

In The Beginning…

In the beginning …. is the sketch. I have been given three wacky squashes and I’m going to have a go at a still life; not sure what technique yet – watercolour, collage? But first of all, some sketching to really study the weird vegetables and understand how they’re made up. I’m using my SamsungContinue reading “In The Beginning…”

Finger Blobs

I drew this head at the life drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop a couple of evenings ago. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and loaded a photo of some marbling I’d done as the background to the drawing. I used the free Markers app. I wanted to break away from detailed ‘traditional’ drawingContinue reading “Finger Blobs”

Why Life Drawing?

I’m often asked why I do life drawing. Partly it’s because the portrayal of the human form in European art dates back around 40,000 years to cave paintings; partly because I love to study anatomy, it’s complex and I love it; and partly because I was trained in the discipline of regular drawing exercise, whichContinue reading “Why Life Drawing?”

A Renaissance Video

Husb has been turning my digital drawings into short videos, showing how the sketches develop from nothing to completion. I’ve been drawing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app and Husb has used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit them. This is one I did from a drawing by Raphael. Sometimes it’sContinue reading “A Renaissance Video”

Cat Face – my drawing on video

Here’s a short video of my drawing of Sparta Puss, step by step. It’s a digital drawing done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a free Markers app. I saved the drawing frequently and then Husb edited it together on Adobe Premiere Pro with a free soundtrack from Purple Planet. She was in aContinue reading “Cat Face – my drawing on video”

Big And Free?

Here’s the other drawing I did at the life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop last night. I did something a bit different this week and uploaded a copy of a cyanotype I did some time ago (it’s in the permanent collection of A Book About Death, Wales) and drew over it. I’ve been usingContinue reading “Big And Free?”