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9 Apr

Chris 6


Thinking and planning what to work on next. I want to develop a series of large woodcuts working with a retired female soldier and life model, so I’m looking back through my sketchbooks at the work I have already with her done over the past three years to get the creative juices flowing. I like working with older models, particularly women because we’re so often ‘disappeared’ in our youth-obsessed society.


Digital Playing

24 Sep


I did this drawing some time ago and I want to do some digital work with it so I photographed and uploaded it to my Samsung tablet and started having a play, using a basic pen app to start colouring in. It’s weird working over an existing drawing, it somehow doesn’t feel like it’s my own.  I’m hoping to develop the original image into a simple animation, but for now I’m enjoying colouring in. This is an older model I’ve been working with for some years and I’m developing a digital piece about her for an exhibition in London next month.

Mean Foreshortening

18 Jun

June 5

Here’s the final drawing I did at the life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop this week. The pose had some mean foreshortening. I started by roughly blocking out the highlights in White, then worked into the drawing with Sanguine, and finally some little flashes of Black conté crayon into my A3 brown paper sketchbook. The sequence can be seen in the slide show below.

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Getting Absorbed

16 Jun

June 4

I was at life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop last night and focused on drawing a portrait. Our model is a strong and powerful woman and I got really absorbed in drawing her. A bit too absorbed as I realised that I had added about 20 years to her face! I was so into making the marks on the paper with my conté crayons that I got carried away with the fun of drawing and kept on adding bits. Still, I like the drawing even though it’s grossly insulting to our poor model.


Strong Strong Strong

21 Jul

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop, working with an older woman model who is one of my favourites. She is a strong woman with strong features and a strong body, inspiring to draw. I did one portrait study, working with charcoal and chalk into my A2 brown paper sketchbook. I used my fingers to draw as well, smudging the charcoal to make the lines bolder.


I have been travelling across South Wales with Rhondda-born archaeologist Dewi Bowen and Swansea film maker Melvyn Williams, hunting the wild megalith, accompanied by my portable drawing board, portfolio of Fabriano paper and a bag full of assorted artist’s materials.  Dewi is researching his latest book on Neolithic monuments and Melvyn is making a documentary film of our literary and artistic adventures.

If you want to know more about my solo show in The Worker’s Gallery in the Rhondda Valley in September, please click here.

And if you want to see some of my other artwork, please click on the image below.



An Older Model

6 May

Mari May 2

Life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop last night and I did a quick warm-up sketch then concentrated on a portrait drawing, working with an older model, a retired teacher. I worked with black and white conte crayon into an A2 brown paper sketchbook.

Mari May 1


Please click here if you would like to see more of my artworks.

Developing The Drawing

2 May



During last week’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, I took photos of the development of my portrait head of our model. It shows the drawing in different stages of development. I used conté crayon in white, sanguine and black into an A2 brown paper sketchbook.


Please click here if you would like to see more of my artworks.

The Life Model (Female Nude)

29 Apr

Life model April 2016

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and we had an older female model this evening. I really enjoy drawing older people, bodies and faces are so interesting, lived in, expressive. It was pretty full tonight, with a wide age range of scribblers, from early 20s to 70s, great to be able to do something intergenerational. I used conté crayon on these two drawings in white, sanguine and black into a large (A2) brown paper sketchbook. The first was about 15 minutes and the portrait about 40 minutes.

I will be running courses in printmaking techniques at Swansea Print Workshop in coming months, please click here if you want to find out more. If you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here. Thank you 😀

A Face Of Distinction

14 Feb

Another Baby Boomer sketch and I’m coming to the end of this phase of drawings, with around 40 completed. I’ve been doing them at The SPace in Swansea’s High Street but it’s now closed as our temporary 12 week lease is up, so I’m going to have to find another venue to continue my sketches. I loved doing this drawing, my model has such a distinctive face.


13 Feb

Continuing with my series of 30 minute sketches of Baby Boomers, I am so enjoying making these drawings and having conversations that are informing the future development of my work. I’m using graphite sticks into an A4 spiral bound sketchbook. I recently switched from A5 and the drawings are not so tightly cropped. I’m getting plenty of practice drawing spectacles, they’re getting easier.

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