Kandinsky On Speed

Here’s a high speed film of me painting one of Wassily Kandinsky’s views of Murnau (detail above). I wish I could work that fast! He did quite a few paintings of this town when he lived there with the (often overlooked) Expressionist painter Gabriele Munter. I painted this a few weeks ago with Ed Sumner’sContinue reading “Kandinsky On Speed”

Carrying On Carrying On

I carried on working on a painting I started a couple of weeks ago, based on a charcoal drawing I did en plein air into my Khadi sketchbook. I am trying to develop a style of my own – I’ve never done much painting and it’s my lockdown challenge. I really like the German Expressionists andContinue reading “Carrying On Carrying On”

Quick, Short And Angry

I was in a really foul mood this evening, caught the bad side of Twitter and was raging. So Husb dragged me out for a long, fast walk.  We ended up in Cwmdonkin Park which has been one of my favourite places for drawing en plein air during the pandemic. I was still in aContinue reading “Quick, Short And Angry”

Carry On Painting….

I’m carrying on today with a painting I started a couple of weeks ago. I left it alone for a while because I wasn’t sure how to develop it so I had a break to look at it with fresh eyes. It’s based on a charcoal drawing I did en plein air into my KhadiContinue reading “Carry On Painting….”

A Very Sloppy Finish

I carried on with the expressionist-inspired painting I’m doing from one of my recent en plein air sketchbook drawings. Two things are coming up for me. First, the colours I’m using are intuitive and reflect something that’s going on inside somewhere, linked to the pandemic and lockdown – this is an emotional and cathartic thingContinue reading “A Very Sloppy Finish”

Channelling Gabrielle and Paula

This is new for me, I’m doing a painting based on a sketch done en plein air a few weeks back. I’ve been practicing my paint skills with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook throughout the lockdown and now I feel confident enough to do one of my own. I love the GermanContinue reading “Channelling Gabrielle and Paula”

Across The Planet

  It’s lovely to see where artwork can get to when it leaves me and it’s released out in the wild. I did this mixed media piece, “Annwyl Käthe” – stamping, chine collé, stitching and hand written text – in an edition of 15 for the annual Leftovers print exchange organised by Wingtip Press inContinue reading “Across The Planet”

Annwyl Kathe

Once upon a time, the printmakers of Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA were cleaning out their flat files and found dozens of little scraps of expensive printmaking papers jamming up the drawers. Realising they probably weren’t alone with the dilemma of what to do with all those too-precious-to-throw-out leftover paper scraps, they issued an invitationContinue reading “Annwyl Kathe”

Chiaroscuro In A Doorway

After a bit of a break for Xmas and too much good food and gallivanting, it’s head down for a bit more serious work. I’m carrying on with my series of small drawings from photos taken in the old church recently, using the simplest of materials, white conte crayon into an A4 Daler Rowney ‘Ebony’Continue reading “Chiaroscuro In A Doorway”

Drawing In Darkness

Husb and I went to Taliesin Arts Centre this evening to see a version of Dreyer’s 1932 silent film, Vampyr accompanied by live musicians. It was fantastic. I had a bash at drawing in the dark, using a complete set of sepia Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens in sizes S, F, M and B andContinue reading “Drawing In Darkness”