Out and about this morning, I had an ice cream in Joe’s ice cream parlour and then nipped down to the beach for a quick scribble in my A4 brown paper sketchbook, with conté crayons in black, white and sanguine. The light was quite dramatic, full of chiaroscuro. That’s Mumbles in the background. The nameContinue reading “Mamelles”

Out Of The Gloom

I’m ploughing on with atmospheric sketches based on digital photos from the old church in Swansea that I visited a few weeks ago. I’m trying to keep it as minimal as possible, with more black than white, emphasising the chiaroscuro. I’m using conte crayon into an A4 ‘Ebony’ sketchbook by Daler Rowney. I took theContinue reading “Out Of The Gloom”

Chiaroscuro In A Doorway

After a bit of a break for Xmas and too much good food and gallivanting, it’s head down for a bit more serious work. I’m carrying on with my series of small drawings from photos taken in the old church recently, using the simplest of materials, white conte crayon into an A4 Daler Rowney ‘Ebony’Continue reading “Chiaroscuro In A Doorway”

Nothing Fancy

Another vista from the old church, a spooky corridor beyond a heavy door. It was a dark and rainy day when I took the photos, no artificial light and precious little natural light which added to the atmospherics of the place. I decided not to use a flash because I wanted the deep shadows andContinue reading “Nothing Fancy”

Darkly Drawing

Spent a happy day at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea with the 15 Hundred Lives collective on our monthly public art event. I’m continuing with a series of manier noir drawings inspired by a visit to Berlin a couple of winters back. I saw the Holocaust Memorial under a couple of feet of snow and itContinue reading “Darkly Drawing”

Drawing Darkly

I spent some time in my studio today, starting a ‘manier noir’ style drawing. It’s a type of reductive drawing, working from black to white, rubbing away areas of charcoal to reveal the highlights. It’s the very first of a substantial body of drawings and original prints I have planned. I prepared Fabriano Accademica paperContinue reading “Drawing Darkly”

Head In Chiaroscuro

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and I continued practicing portraits using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app. I created a dark background and worked up the head in greys and white, emphasising the chiaroscuro effect from the ceiling spotlight.

Indulging Myself

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I really like this model because he’s as thin as Egon Schiele’s models and I came all over German Expressionist. We had one of the spotlights on so I was able to indulge myself with some chiaroscuro. I also love extreme foreshortening like this. Great eveningContinue reading “Indulging Myself”

Man On Floor

Does what it says on the tin. A man. On the floor. Just got back from life drawing group this evening, at Swansea Print Workshop, and had a terrific pose to draw, with difficult angles, perspective and foreshortening. Lovely. I’m a bit of a masochistic scribbler. The workshop has strong spotlights that give good chiaroscuroContinue reading “Man On Floor”