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Nearly But Not Quite

28 Nov

Rob 6

I did some more painting today – what’s going on with me? I’ve hardly painted since I was in art college back in the 1970s and now I can’t stop. The fabulous GS Artists have been organising free art tutorials, a mixture of Zoom and on-site (observing safety protocols of course). It’s part of the 9-to-90 art events programme in Swansea and there are plenty coming up – click on the link to find out more. Today’s was a portrait class run by Tomos Sparnon and the subject was ‘Gavin And Stacey’ actor Rob Brydon. It isn’t a good likeness yet but I’m getting there. I’ve made his nose too long which makes his face too long.

Tomos started with some sketchbook exercises in pencil and then we tried a few quick scribbles of Rob before drawing him up ready for painting. I worked on paper in gouache, a new experience for me and I really liked it. One of my favourite artists, Egon Schiele, did a lot of his best work in gouache. I think that one of the most important things I learned today was not to be too precious about a painting. Keep at it even though there are mistakes because recognising those is part of the process. Then put it aside and start another. And another until you get it right. Good stuff.


A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks

I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I have given these antique artifacts a modern twist by combining them with images of rubbish – old fruit nets, bubble wrap and plastic – highlighting the problem of human pollution and how it affects wildlife.

To buy my work on the Swansea Print Workshop site please click the image to the left and to see the complete image.

Inspired by drawings of the taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I have given these antique artefacts a modern twist by combining them with images of rubbish – old fruit nets, bubble wrap and plastic – highlighting the problem of human pollution and how it affects wildlife.

20 percent of the cost of each screenprint sold goes to support Swansea Print Workshop, which receives no public funding.



The New Model (Female Nude)

19 Aug

Stevie 1e

It’s always exciting to get to work with a new model and I had the chance at yesterday’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. This jolly young woman was a joy to draw. The way I draw depends on a number of factors; my materials, my mood, my surroundings and the subject. This is particularly true when I’m drawing people – my style is often very influenced by my interaction with the model.

As I developed this drawing, from an initial mass of white scribbles, the style that emerged was distinctly comic-book-like. Which is OK with me. I wasn’t afraid to distort the body slightly to fit the space – if it’s good enough for Egon Schiele, it’s good enough for me. I used white, sanguine and black conté crayons into my large, A2, brown paper sketchbook.


Over the last seven months, I have been travelling across South Wales with Rhondda-born archaeologist Dewi Bowen and Swansea film maker Melvyn Williams in all weathers with my portable drawing board, portfolio of Fabriano paper and a bag full of assorted artist’s materials.  Dewi is researching his latest book on Neolithic monuments and Melvyn is making a documentary film of our literary and artistic adventures.

I’ve done around 50 drawings now and these will be exhibited in my solo show in The Worker’s Gallery in the Rhondda Valley in September. Please click here to find out more about it.

And if you want to see some of my other artwork, please click on the image below.


A Tight Fit (Male Nude- parental guidance suggested)

29 Jan
Jan 5

Drawing 5, 15 minutes

Went to life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop yesterday evening and sketched a male model who goes under the name of Ben D’Busse. I started with some very quick drawings and fell into the usual trap of not fitting the figure to the page. I nearly always run over the edges.


Ben is a fab model, really thin, so thin that the drawings end up with a touch of Egon Schiele about them

It was really hard fitting the drawing on the page of my A2 size brown paper sketchbook. I used willow charcoal and chalk, with the brown paper providing a nice mid-tone. I finally just managed to squeeze him all in by the fifth drawing. There was some strong foreshortening to contend with and I took a leaf out of Egon’s book and distorted the body to fit, a lot of his work is distorted.

Blue Nude Reflected

20 Aug

Pat reflected

Here’s another from the archives, when I went through a watercolour phase at life drawing group. I like to use watercolour in a choppy fashion, more like a gouache. This older model used to be a dancer and has a very lithe body which is so interesting to draw, a bit like Egon Schiele’s models. I used Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens for the linework and Winsor & Newton artist’s half pan watercolours onto a heavy Cotman watercolour paper. It’s important to use the best artist quality materials, cheaper ones will fade. The drawing was done at Swansea Print Workshop which has a large drawing room with mirrors.

Egon And The Paper

15 Jun


Here’s the last of my series of screenprints of favourite artists for a while. I prepared a screen to take to last Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair in London’s Brick Lane and started to print it during the afternoon. I used a different vintage paper to the one I used for all the women artists. I used a British made W.S.H & Co for Egon Shiele, no longer made unfortunately. It has a beautiful deckle edge and a slightly rough texture and is a silvery white. Gorgeous. Can’t get paper like this in Britain any more. Such a shame.

And Now The Chaps…

12 Jun


I’ve finished a series of 8 silkscreen prints of women artists who inspire or move me and now I’m going to have a bash at the chaps. It’s been harder to source photographs of the male artists. A lot of them have been very formal, posed ones and so many men in the early twentieth century had large beards, which make them look a bit samey. There seem to be more photos of the women artists of the same era, a lot of them informal, family photos which has given me far more choice. Egon Schiele is an exception as he had a series of experimental photographic portraits  made and he also shaved! I’ve worked up a drawing onto the screen and worked onto it with Speedball Diazo drawing fluid using various sable brushes. It’s one of the screens I’ll be taking to the London Art Car Boot Fair (June the 14th) to demonstrate screenprinting, alternating with stencil artist Simon Dark. We’ll be doing our arty thing outside Dylan’s Mobile Book Bus.

Eight Women Finished!

11 Jun

Favourite women artists



Here’s the complete set of silkscreens of 8 of my favourite artists that I have been working on for the past few weeks. I’ve done each of them as editions of 25, except for Frida Kahlo, I did 50 of her. I’m not sure why, I just really liked the brushwork on her screen. It was the last one I did and I was getting much bolder and less anal about applying the liquid stencil. I’ve got the bug now and I want to do more.

I was going to do some of my favourite male artists in this first tranche but when I researched images of them, most of them looked alike – they were mostly middle aged bearded Victorian men in black coats and white collars. Apart from Egon Schiele. So it’s back to the drawing board with the men. The artists above are Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kathe Kollwitz, Suzanne Valadon, Hannah Hoch, Camille Claudel, Gabriele Munter, Broncia Keller-Pinell and Frida Kahlo. I used a lovely vintage paper, handmade and deckle-edged by T. H. Saunders, sadly no longer made. They’ll be launched at the London Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane on Sunday. Please drop by if you’re up London way 🙂

Follow The Line

9 Nov


Husb and I went up to London yesterday for a day of art. First stop, the National Portrait Gallery for the Grayson Perry exhibition, ‘Who Are You?‘. Fantastic show; the works are dispersed throughout the permanent collection of 19th and 20th century portraits so you get to see lots of other work as well. And it’s free! We were on a tight schedule so no time to sketch before hurrying down The Strand to The Courtauld and the Egon Schiele show. £7.50 each but that includes entry to the entire collection, which is stupendous.


I couldn’t pass up a chance to study from such a great artist and although the place was packed to the rafters, I stopped and drew from two of his earlier male nudes. I concentrated on his line, which is paradoxically exaggerated and very accurate.  I used graphite into an A5 sketchbook.

New Model (Female Nude )

27 Jun


I worked with a new model at life drawing this week. She is great and looks like she could have modelled for Egon Shiele a hundred years ago. It takes a while to get used to a new model. I usually have to try out different techniques.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I drew this with the Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8, saving frequently to build up a slideshow of the development of the drawing.

Viennese Stroll And A Bit More Egon

17 Jun


I stopped for some time in front of this self portrait by Egon Shiele at The Leopold Museum in Vienna. I have seen it many times in books but was fascinated when I came face to face with it. The brushwork is so fluid and he creates light and dark and the flow of the material on the clothes by simply using brushstrokes. I made a lot of notes around the quick sketch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Viennese architecture is spectacular and it was a joy just strolling around the city. We hung out a while at Café Museum, where Shiele and Klimt used to eat.

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