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A Tight Fit (Male Nude- parental guidance suggested)

29 Jan
Jan 5

Drawing 5, 15 minutes

Went to life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop yesterday evening and sketched a male model who goes under the name of Ben D’Busse. I started with some very quick drawings and fell into the usual trap of not fitting the figure to the page. I nearly always run over the edges.


Ben is a fab model, really thin, so thin that the drawings end up with a touch of Egon Schiele about them

It was really hard fitting the drawing on the page of my A2 size brown paper sketchbook. I used willow charcoal and chalk, with the brown paper providing a nice mid-tone. I finally just managed to squeeze him all in by the fifth drawing. There was some strong foreshortening to contend with and I took a leaf out of Egon’s book and distorted the body to fit, a lot of his work is distorted.

Bendy Bus

1 Oct


After nearly a month doing art in a semi-derelict shop (The Bagpuss Window) I’m back to my normal routine and life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop on Thursdays. This evening’s model goes by the name of Ben D’Busse, a pun on a local traffic experiment that turned out bad!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I drew this with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a free Markers app. I put in a grey ground to start with and then did most of the drawing with my fingertips, using the stylus to put in detailed line work towards the end. Here’s a slide show of the drawing in different stages of development.

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