Scribbling In The Cheese.

I had a couple of days in London last week with work, and I went with some of my colleagues on an evening walking tour of the historic pubs of old London. It was brilliant, good fun and so full of history and interest. The guide was brilliant and showed us lots of the tinyContinue reading “Scribbling In The Cheese.”

The Other Wild Beast

This painting is a copy of “Charing Cross Bridge” by the French artist Andre Derain, who was most famous for being one of Les Fauves – Wild Beasts – a group of painters who developed this style in the first decade of the 20th century. As well as Derain, the group included most famously HenriContinue reading “The Other Wild Beast”

All About Eve…

Last night, Husb and I went to our local cinema to see a link up with National Theatre Live in London broadcasting a performance of the play All About Eve, directed by Ivo van Hove and starring the superlative Gillian Anderson, whose performance was outstanding. The whole cast were tremendous and the set design wasContinue reading “All About Eve…”


So, over a year since the initial idea, four months in the research and making, my artwork “Here Be Dragons” finally unveiled at the Sky Arts ART50 festivals in Newcastle and London. Here I am with the original at The Barbican in London yesterday talking to visitors about the concept – a new flag forContinue reading “Unveiled!”

Animated Muses

    I posted last week about a digital animation I made of some of my life drawings of female models who inspire me, my muses. It appeared last week at the FiLiArt conference and exhibition in London. I didn’t want to put it up until it had premiered at FiLiArt, but that’s over nowContinue reading “Animated Muses”

My Muses In London

I’ve just emailed a digital artwork that’s going into an exhibition in London this weekend. It’s an animated sequence of some of the female models I work with and it’s called “My Muses”. It’s made up of life drawings that I’ve done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a free Markers app. I’veContinue reading “My Muses In London”

Nasty Women

I have entered this little collage into a group show in London called ‘Nasty Women UK‘. I am hugely inspired by Käthe Kollwitz, the German feminist, socialist, anti-war artist who died in 1945, after a lifetime of using her art as political protest, being banned by both the First Reich and the Third Reich, aContinue reading “Nasty Women”

Safwn Gyda Llundain / We Stand With London

Just over a week ago, I stood in Swansea’s Castle Square to draw the vigil for those murdered in Manchester. Who would have thought that we’d be holding another vigil so soon? This time we stood in torrential rain. The water poured down the page of my brown paper sketchbook which liquified the conté crayons,Continue reading “Safwn Gyda Llundain / We Stand With London”

Get Over Yourself

  I recently had a rubber stamp made from a screen print I did a few months back (here) and tried it out today for the first time on some leftover pieces of lovely Shiohara paper. It came out like, well, a rubber stamp. Being a geeky and rather obsessive printmaker, I of course wantedContinue reading “Get Over Yourself”

Egon And The Paper

Here’s the last of my series of screenprints of favourite artists for a while. I prepared a screen to take to last Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair in London’s Brick Lane and started to print it during the afternoon. I used a different vintage paper to the one I used for all the women artists.Continue reading “Egon And The Paper”