PODCAST SEPTEMBER 2021 Hiya, Rosie Scribblah here. http://www.scribblah.co.uk Welcome to my latest podcast. It’s called 10 Paintings – I don’t do long podcasts. Just enough time for a cuppa tea and a biscuit. Or a Welsh cake. This is about 10 paintings I have copied through lockdown. I’ve been following the Cheese and Wine PaintingContinue reading “PODCAST: 10 PAINTINGS AND A CUPPA TEA”

The Other Wild Beast

This painting is a copy of “Charing Cross Bridge” by the French artist Andre Derain, who was most famous for being one of Les Fauves – Wild Beasts – a group of painters who developed this style in the first decade of the 20th century. As well as Derain, the group included most famously HenriContinue reading “The Other Wild Beast”

Faking With The Cat – The Film

Here’s a speeded up video of me painting a copy of Andre Derain’s “Charing Cross Bridge”, painted in 1906 in the Fauvist style. With Sparta Puss, the cat. She likes to muscle in on the action. There’s about 3 hours of action compressed into 3 minutes. I started painting it in the Cheese and WineContinue reading “Faking With The Cat – The Film”

Another Fake Finished

I’ve just finished copying this painting, “Charing Cross Bridge” by the 20th century Fauvist artist Andre Derain. It was great fun and I learned a lot too. I’ve done almost 40 fakes now with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook on Friday afternoons throughout the lockdown.   A Chance To Own OneContinue reading “Another Fake Finished”

Faking A Fauve

It’s Faking Friday again with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. This week we copied “Charing Cross Bridge” by the early 20th century Fauvist artist Andre Derain. I’ve always loved the work of the Fauvists, the word is derived from the French Fauves – wild beasts. Matisse is probably the most famousContinue reading “Faking A Fauve”