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Safwn Gyda Llundain / We Stand With London

5 Jun

Llundain 1

Just over a week ago, I stood in Swansea’s Castle Square to draw the vigil for those murdered in Manchester. Who would have thought that we’d be holding another vigil so soon? This time we stood in torrential rain. The water poured down the page of my brown paper sketchbook which liquified the conté crayons, giving them a softer, more brush-like effect than that of dry paper.

Llundain 2

It is so sad to attend these vigils, but we must come together in peace and kindness, otherwise the extremists will have won.

Safwn Gyda Manceinion / We Stand With Manchester

23 May

The Vigil [1]

Safwn gyda Manceinion / We stand with Manchester. The Vigil. Castle Square, Swansea. 1800 hours. May 23rd 2017.

The Vigil [2]

A Tough Call

31 Aug

31 war

There was a demonstration in the city centre earlier today, to protest at the possibility of military intervention in Syria. I went along to do a bit of scribbling. It was very good natured with the demonstrators rubbing along next to some youth drama groups performing a medley of showtunes, and lots of people just sitting in the square, sunning themselves.

It’s a tough call. Social Networking sites have been buzzing with arguments for and against all day. “What if we’d done nothing against Hitler” is a powerful argument. “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing” is another. But can we be sure that it was Assad who ordered the gas attack? Are the opponents of Assad actually any better? And wouldn’t military intervention kill as many, if not more civilians? And of course, there’s the ongoing mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. All equally powerful arguments. It’s a tough call.

Drawn in my A5 cloth-bound sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt pens, size S and F and watercolour wash. The sketchbook was prepared with ripped brown wrapping paper stuck in with Pritt stick.

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