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11 Jan


Out and about this morning, I had an ice cream in Joe’s ice cream parlour and then nipped down to the beach for a quick scribble in my A4 brown paper sketchbook, with conté crayons in black, white and sanguine. The light was quite dramatic, full of chiaroscuro.

That’s Mumbles in the background. The name is supposed to have originated with French sailors who, many years ago, upon sailing around the headland and seeing the twin islands for the first time, exclaimed ,”Mamelles, Mamelles” which translates as “Breasts, Breasts”. Trust the French, eh?


Then this evening, onto a lovely exhibition by local artist Jeffrey Phillips at Swansea’s Environment Centre.

jeff phillips

Jeffrey’s exhibition of humanist and environmental artworks, Desire and Despair, runs from January 11th to February 15th Tuesday to Friday 10 – 4 and Saturday 10 – 2.

Where I Live

31 Mar


Yesterday’s weather was gorgeous and we went for a walk on the beach. It’s just a few minutes walk from my home and it’s lovely. I’m very lucky. The tide was fully in and still as a pond of mercury. People moved around at the water edge, walking their dogs, fishing, paddling. I stopped for a quick scribble. Then off up the road for a Joe’s Icecream. For tea 🙂

Boy And The Big Apple

5 Jul

05 mumbles

Sunshine today and a lovely evening spent with Husb and small nephew in Mumbles, splashing about on the beach and taking a stroll up to the newly renovated Big Apple to buy some Joe’s icecream. There’s a new line – sugar free Joe’s! I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!!! Nephew is all skinny arms and legs and big belly. A couple of years ago, the Big Apple was almost wrecked by a hit and run driver. It dates from the 1930’s and a number of them were set up by a fruit juice company. The one in Mumbles is probably the last left and there was a huge campaign to save it. Lovely to see it back in action, serving icecream to another generation. I did the little sketch below when it was smashed up.

05 big apple

The Cwmdonkin Cuppa

27 May

27 cuppa

Well, today was Bank Holiday Monday and true to British tradition, the weather was dreadful, cold, windy and pouring with rain. Luckily, Husb and I went for a nice long walk yesterday when it was lovely and sunny and we ended up in Cwmdonkin Park, made famous by Dylan Thomas, who lived close by and played in the park as a child. The lovely old pavilion, painted a traditional green and white, is now a little cafe serving tea and Joe’s ice cream, scones and cakes. We stopped for a nice cuppa and I scribbled the little teapot on the wooden slatted table. I especially liked the way the shadows folded down between the strips of wood.

Drawn into my A5 pink recycled sari sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens in sepia, sizes F and S.

Casting A Clout.

25 Mar

Ink sketch: in the garden.

It’s unusually warm and sunny so husb and I spent a long hard day on the allotment and came home shattered and aching. Every year we resolve to break ourselves in gently, do an hour or so the first time, but we don’t because you never know when it’s going to pour down for weeks on end, so we make the most of the sunshine. Anyway, we did loads and I planted up some onion sets and seeds …. spinach beet, beetroot amd carrots. Came home and went straight into a hot bubble bath to relieve the aches and pains and then had a nice cup of tea in the back garden where I did this drawing. When we look at a scene, we only see a tiny fragment at any one time because that’s all we can focus on, but we don’t really notice because our eyes move across the scene very quickly and our brain makes a composite of all the images our eyes are taking in. But when you draw a scene, you’re recording everything equally, so you end up with a drawing that looks much more full of stuff than the original scene. Well it does to me anyway. Perhaps I have a weird brain.

It was so lovely that, even though it’s still March,  I went against my Nana’s advice, “Don’t cast a clout ’til May is out” and I casted loads of clouts, sitting in the garden in thin cotton clothes, bare-legged with flip flops. Great stuff. Then husb and I took a walk down to Joe’s Ice-Cream Parlour to reward ourselves for all our hard work – I can’t resist a Cherry Temptation mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

I wish my niece would come and pick up her bicycle!

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