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Boy And The Big Apple

5 Jul

05 mumbles

Sunshine today and a lovely evening spent with Husb and small nephew in Mumbles, splashing about on the beach and taking a stroll up to the newly renovated Big Apple to buy some Joe’s icecream. There’s a new line – sugar free Joe’s! I’ve died and gone to heaven!!!!! Nephew is all skinny arms and legs and big belly. A couple of years ago, the Big Apple was almost wrecked by a hit and run driver. It dates from the 1930’s and a number of them were set up by a fruit juice company. The one in Mumbles is probably the last left and there was a huge campaign to save it. Lovely to see it back in action, serving icecream to another generation. I did the little sketch below when it was smashed up.

05 big apple

The Big Apple Crumbled!

19 Dec

Ink drawing: The big apple.

Some people think that The Big Apple is a nickname for New York City but we in Swansea know that it’s the name of a tiny little green concrete kiosk on the cliff above the sea in the Welsh fishing village of Mumbles. It was one of a hundred or so specially built in the 1930’s across Britain to promote an apple drink and no-one actually knows how it was built but it may have been created by pouring concrete and steel into a mould, similar to a military pillbox.  Over the years the others have been demolished and the Mumbles Big Apple is the only one left, possibly in the world. A couple of years ago a drunk driver crashed into it and destroyed the bottom half – he made the Big Apple crumble!!!!!

There was an outcry and a Facebook page to save it quickly attracted tens of thousands of people, telling their memories and stories of the Big Apple through the generations, including when some students painted it orange to look like a pumpkin one Halloween! And a young man who proposed to his finace there, because he couldn’t afford to take her to New York.  Luckily, the owners managed to get the cash together to rebuild it – they appreciated how much of a landmark it is for the area and now it’s been restored to its former glory.

Husb and I rushed down there when we heard the news, he took photos and I made this little drawing in Faber Castell Pitt ink pens into an A6 Cotman watercolour pad. Here’s a link to what it looks like now it’s restored.






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