Ups, Downs And A Cat In A Drain.

It been a funny old year, lots of ups and downs. So many people – relatives, friends and acquaintances – have been seriously ill or have died but this is also the year that I took the plunge to let go of a successful career and move into a studio and become a full-time artist,Continue reading “Ups, Downs And A Cat In A Drain.”

Dead Lilies And Xmas Cards

  I’m aching all over – husb and I finished moving all my stuff from the old to the new studio – down a long corridor and down one floor at one end, across the road and up two floors and along another long corridor at the other. I’ve been moving smaller items over theContinue reading “Dead Lilies And Xmas Cards”

Bella The Blue Merle Collie.

  We went off to West Wales to the Presceli Mountains today to visit old friends, intending to go for a bracing walk in the beautiful rugged countryside. Then the gales and rains came in torrents, so we stayed in, eating lovely home-cooked food and sharing delighful conversation. I had itchy fingers and really wantedContinue reading “Bella The Blue Merle Collie.”

Gone A Bit Grosz At The Hospital

I’m using some of the time I’m doing hospital and nursing home visits to catch  up with some sketching. It’s been stressful seeing people I care about so frail and ill, but there’s usually an upside to every situation if you look for it. One good thing is that it gives me a chance toContinue reading “Gone A Bit Grosz At The Hospital”

Watching From Waterstone’s.

  It’s been a funny old week, all the routines disrupted by the holiday and fitting in daily visits to elderly relatives in hospital and nursing home so today I fancied a bit of peace and quiet. My quiet place is Waterstone’s cafe in the bookshop in the old cinema in the city centre. IContinue reading “Watching From Waterstone’s.”

In The Life Drawing Studio #3

Another one of my life drawings where I set the life model within the wider studio and record some of the artists who come to the life drawing group. We have a good range of models of both genders and all ages and shapes, but that also applies to the artists as well. They areContinue reading “In The Life Drawing Studio #3”

Xmas Day At The High Dependency Unit

An elderly relative went into hospital for heart surgery a few days ago and after a night in Intensive Care, he was transferred to the High Dependency Unit for intensive nursing. He’s doing well and will hopefully be transferred to a general ward in a couple of days but we’ve been back and fro visitingContinue reading “Xmas Day At The High Dependency Unit”

Wherever I Lay My Hat

  I try to sketch every day – don’t always succeed unfortunately but carrying a sketchbook and a packet of drawing pens in my bag helps to motivate me. I think it’s important to just get on with it and not worry too much about what it is you’re drawing. It may not be theContinue reading “Wherever I Lay My Hat”

A Load Of Mangy Scribblings.

When I was in Art College, back in the days of the dinosaurs 😉 we were told to keep a sketchbook and to put something in it everyday. What fascinated me at the time was the diversity of sketchbook styles and approaches amongst my fellow students. Some put as much effort into their sketchbook asContinue reading “A Load Of Mangy Scribblings.”

A Recumbent Man And A Lovely Bit Of Engineering

I love working on a larger scale with a three-colour reduction monotype technique. I generally start with a drawing from life: I’m lucky that Swansea has a thriving life drawing group with a rota of professional models of all ages and shapes. Occasionally I use a drawing that I digitally alter on Adobe Photoshop, butContinue reading “A Recumbent Man And A Lovely Bit Of Engineering”