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A Full Day

20 Jun

Shattered after a full day on a photopolymer course at Swansea Print Workshop. Today, we focussed on experimenting with mark-making on Truegrain, then constructing a drawing on Truegrain, doing a testplate and then exposing a final plate ready for inking and printing next week. Here’s the test plate and the first proof. It’s a complicated process involving a series of 6 exposures resulting in 9 areas of different exposure times. I liked the effect in the bottom right hand corner and used that setting to expose my main plate. It’s a great technique for artists who like to draw.

I had a couple of minutes to spare, so did a quick scribble of one of my fellow printmakers inking up her plate behind the old Radcliffe etching press.

A Recumbent Man And A Lovely Bit Of Engineering

22 Dec

Full colour reduction monotype.

I love working on a larger scale with a three-colour reduction monotype technique. I generally start with a drawing from life: I’m lucky that Swansea has a thriving life drawing group with a rota of professional models of all ages and shapes. Occasionally I use a drawing that I digitally alter on Adobe Photoshop, but I think that you can tell when something’s had the Photoshop treatment so I rarely use it. This is one of our baby-boomer models. I like drawing this age group – interesting to see the effects of life’s progression, but also they tend to have had interesting life experiences to talk about. I also like drawing reclining poses but this sparks some dissent in the life drawing group as quite a lot of artist’s don’t like them. We generally compromise and get one recliner per session and if I’m very lucky I might get into a position of  extreme foreshortening. Yeah I know, I’m an artistic masochist lol.

This piece is around A1 in size and is on BFK Rives 250gsm paper using oil-based litho/relief inks in Process Yellow, Red and Blue. It was printed on a Victorian Radcliffe Intaglio press. Lovely piece of engineering, built to last.

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