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Kathë and Suzanne – First Proofs

27 May

First proofs

I’ve been working on silkscreen portraits of artists Kathë Kollwitz and Suzanne Valadon and today I printed the first proofs.

I wasn’t sure which paper to use so I did proofs on four different printmaking papers, one an acid free cartridge and three vintage papers by Saunders and Co. I used Daler Rowney System 3 black acrylic ink mixed with screen printing medium, one third pigment to two thirds medium. The good thing about acrylic ink is that it’s washable so it was easy to clean the screen afterwards.

Tomorrow, in daylight, I’ll take a close look at the proofs and make a final decision on which paper I’ll use for printing the editions and get cracking on them. Over the next couple of weeks, I intend to do 8 silkscreen portraits of my favourite artists.

A Full Day

20 Jun

Shattered after a full day on a photopolymer course at Swansea Print Workshop. Today, we focussed on experimenting with mark-making on Truegrain, then constructing a drawing on Truegrain, doing a testplate and then exposing a final plate ready for inking and printing next week. Here’s the test plate and the first proof. It’s a complicated process involving a series of 6 exposures resulting in 9 areas of different exposure times. I liked the effect in the bottom right hand corner and used that setting to expose my main plate. It’s a great technique for artists who like to draw.

I had a couple of minutes to spare, so did a quick scribble of one of my fellow printmakers inking up her plate behind the old Radcliffe etching press.

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