Irises in close-up

Way back in February I finished this copy of Van Gogh’s Irises. It’s a beautiful painting which is fiendishly complicated when you start trying to copy it. My hat’s off to the man. I haven’t blogged the video of it before. It’s a slow zoom out from and extreme close up, showing you the brushworkContinue reading “Irises in close-up”

Blobby Purpley Swirls

Vincent van Gogh painted lots of flowers, tons of them. Here’s a close up of one of the irises I copied recently during The Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. Ed Sumner, who runs the club, taught us to paint these by doing a sort of swirl in one stroke with a big brushContinue reading “Blobby Purpley Swirls”


I finished the flowery fake van Gogh today. When I first started copying van Gogh’s works I was surprised by how complex they are. There’s a sort of image that he slapped the paint onto canvas in thick slathers, which he does, but there are many more layers and subtleties than I’d originally thought. HeContinue reading “FINISHED!”

The One White Iris

And more work on the fake van Gogh painting of irises today. I did a lot more to the flowers, adding some paler blues to the petals and putting in the one white iris. Then I switched to burnt umber and van dyke red, mixed with white, to get a few shades of reddish brownContinue reading “The One White Iris”

Further Flowery Fakery

Now that I’ve finished my Family Zoom painting, it’s back to finishing the fake flowers I started with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook a couple of Fridays ago. The original is a van Gogh and his work is really complex and multi-layered. Today I focused on the greenery and marigolds inContinue reading “Further Flowery Fakery”

Dead Lilies And Xmas Cards

  I’m aching all over – husb and I finished moving all my stuff from the old to the new studio – down a long corridor and down one floor at one end, across the road and up two floors and along another long corridor at the other. I’ve been moving smaller items over theContinue reading “Dead Lilies And Xmas Cards”