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Bella The Blue Merle Collie.

29 Dec

Ink drawing: the blue merle.


We went off to West Wales to the Presceli Mountains today to visit old friends, intending to go for a bracing walk in the beautiful rugged countryside. Then the gales and rains came in torrents, so we stayed in, eating lovely home-cooked food and sharing delighful conversation. I had itchy fingers and really wanted to draw something. Bella wandered in and snuggled down on a rug in front of the fire. She’s a blue merle collie who wandered into our friend’s lives one day, cold, bedraggled, starving and abandoned on a mountain. They took her to the local police station and the bobby asked them to look after her for a day or two while they made enquiries. That was fourteen years ago and although she had a sad start in life, she’s had a wonderful home ever since.

There are two cats in the household as well; Smudge, a tiny smokey grey former feral cat and Sidney, a grand elderly tom cat who is rather ….. well ….. big-boned 🙂 . I’m always drawing cats at home so I thought I’d give a dog a try. I can’t remember ever drawing one before. She’s a good and patient model, despite her worried look.  She’s a very old lady now with arthritis and cataracts but she has a lovely life, in the beautiful countryside in a loving household.

I used a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen [size S] into an Artbox A6 recycled, leather-bound sketchbook. I like the drawing very much and it might just become a direct-line monotype sometime soon.

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