Something Fishy In Boise

A few years back I did an artist residency at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. It was a wonderful experience and I keep an eye out on what’s happening in printmaking in Boise. The irrepressible Amy Nack, founder of Wingtip Press sent me some information about “Print Boise River”. It’s a project celebrating theContinue reading “Something Fishy In Boise”

The Haul

  This year I entered the Leftovers IX print exchange, organised through Wingtip Press in Idaho, USA. It’s a great premise; use up all those lovely little leftover scraps of printmaking paper and produce a small edition of miniature prints; send them off to Boise, Idaho; wait a few months; get a dozen prints byContinue reading “The Haul”


Yeah I know, really boring but so vital for printmakers. I’ve been printing up a simple one-colour linocut with chine collé as a small edition  so the registration is fairly simple.     After you’ve cut your printmaking paper to size for your edition, use one of the sheets as a guide to draw itContinue reading “Registration”

Chine Collé

I have just printed an edition of my little Mari Lwyd linocuts with chine collé to add flashes of colour. I use hand-made paper made from recycled silk saris, a lovely range of colours and lots of fibres.     From left to right: ripping up the paper for cine collé, putting it onto anContinue reading “Chine Collé”

Little Lino Leftovers

I had a busy afternoon printing up my little “Mari Lwyd” lino block for the annual “Leftovers” print exchange organised by Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. Wingtip’s founder, Amy Nack, describes it’s beginnings, “After cleaning out the flat files and finding dozens of little scraps of printmaking papers jamming up the file drawers, theContinue reading “Little Lino Leftovers”

Carving Done

I’ve finished carving my little lino block of a Mari Lwyd and I’m ready to print it, which I can do at Swansea Print Workshop all day tomorrow (Thursday 20th). It’s the last day of the Leftovers VIII international exhibition of miniature prints from Wingtip Press in Idaho, USA. I’ll be there from 10.30 toContinue reading “Carving Done”

Across The Planet

  It’s lovely to see where artwork can get to when it leaves me and it’s released out in the wild. I did this mixed media piece, “Annwyl Käthe” – stamping, chine collé, stitching and hand written text – in an edition of 15 for the annual Leftovers print exchange organised by Wingtip Press inContinue reading “Across The Planet”

When The Postman Knocked

For a few years now, I’ve entered the Leftovers international miniature print exchange, organised by the lovely printmakers at Wingtip Press, Boise, Idaho, USA. Printmakers from all over the world send an edition of 14 tiny original prints, done on pieces of leftover paper, and in return twelve are selected at random and sent back,Continue reading “When The Postman Knocked”

Annwyl Kathe

Once upon a time, the printmakers of Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA were cleaning out their flat files and found dozens of little scraps of expensive printmaking papers jamming up the drawers. Realising they probably weren’t alone with the dilemma of what to do with all those too-precious-to-throw-out leftover paper scraps, they issued an invitationContinue reading “Annwyl Kathe”

Luscious Leftovers!

In its sixth year, this touring international exhibition of miniature original prints is coming to Swansea tomorrow, opening with a Welsh tea from 5-7pm and then daily (except Mondays) until mid-January – but check the website for opening hours over the holiday season. Click on the link here to see the write up of theContinue reading “Luscious Leftovers!”