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Something Fishy In Boise

13 Jun

Print Boise River 5

A few years back I did an artist residency at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. It was a wonderful experience and I keep an eye out on what’s happening in printmaking in Boise. The irrepressible Amy Nack, founder of Wingtip Press sent me some information about “Print Boise River”. It’s a project celebrating the beloved Boise River by building a 150′ paper river with flip flop prints, grant funded by Boise City Department of Arts and History.

Flip Flop Fish Prints!!!!! Brilliant idea!


The big PRINT BOISE day will be July 13 at the Anne Frank Memorial.

Print Boise River 6

The Haul

8 Jun


the haul

This year I entered the Leftovers IX print exchange, organised through Wingtip Press in Idaho, USA. It’s a great premise; use up all those lovely little leftover scraps of printmaking paper and produce a small edition of miniature prints; send them off to Boise, Idaho; wait a few months; get a dozen prints by other artists through the post to add to your art collection. A nice little haul.

I sent over an edition of my little Mari Lwyd linocut prints with chine collé.


Easy Peasy Quick Ink

31 Mar

prep 4

I often print small blocks at home as I can do them by hand and don’t need to use the fabulous Columbian press at Swansea Print Workshop. This is how I set up a little inking station without fuss or mess.

Stick some newspaper onto your work surface with a bit of masking tape.

Stick a piece of ordinary white paper down onto it, with masking tape. I used a sheet of A4 size white computer printout paper.

Stick a sheet of thin but sturdy PVC / plastic / acetate over it with some masking tape. I used acetate document covers you get with comb binding machines.

There it is. Easy Peasy.




30 Mar

prep 2

Yeah I know, really boring but so vital for printmakers. I’ve been printing up a simple one-colour linocut with chine collé as a small edition  so the registration is fairly simple.



After you’ve cut your printmaking paper to size for your edition, use one of the sheets as a guide to draw it out onto a sheet of ordinary white paper.

Then place your block where you want it positioned on your final print and draw around that.

Finally, stick it onto your work surface with a bit of masking tape AND THEN…

Cover it with a sheet of thin but sturdy plastic / acetate – I used one of those clear PVC covers you get with comb binding machines but any thin sheet of smooth, clear plastic will do.  Stick it down with a couple of pieces of masking tape.


Ready to print…



Chine Collé

29 Mar

chine 4

I have just printed an edition of my little Mari Lwyd linocuts with chine collé to add flashes of colour. I use hand-made paper made from recycled silk saris, a lovely range of colours and lots of fibres.



From left to right: ripping up the paper for cine collé, putting it onto an inked block – it must be glue side UP; taking the print with a traditional Japanese baren.


I used Cranfield Caligo Safewash oil-based relief ink in black, Japanese Hosho paper and Pritt Stick glue. Don’t skimp on the glue – I always use either Pritt or UHU. The combination of Safewash ink and Hosho paper is excellent for taking relief prints by hand. This little edition is heading off across The Pond to Wingtip Press in Idaho USA for the Leftovers IX print exchange.

Little Lino Leftovers

28 Mar


I had a busy afternoon printing up my little “Mari Lwyd” lino block for the annual “Leftovers” print exchange organised by Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. Wingtip’s founder, Amy Nack, describes it’s beginnings,

After cleaning out the flat files and finding dozens of little scraps of printmaking papers jamming up the file drawers, the folks at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho realized they probably weren’t alone with the dilemma of what to do with all those too-precious-to-toss leftover paper scraps.
An invitation went out to fellow printmakers to participate in a print exchange to use all those lovely little leftover scraps to create a small edition of prints. Artists submit an edition of 15 prints of any size up to and NO LARGER than 5″ x 7″ and receive a dozen prints in return. One print is held for exhibitions and one print is included in a silent auction to raise funds for the Hunger Relief Task Force.”

It’s now in it’s ninth year and attracts entries from printmakers all over the world and also exhibits the prints internationally, across the USA, New Zealand, China and Wales.

Drawn In The USA

4 Feb

This is my first video. I took some footage during my residency at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho last year and edited it with stills of the artwork wthat was produced by the artists I was working with, both there and later in Swansea Print Workshop. It won’t win any Oscars but it’s nice to put up a record of all the hard work that was done and to acknowledge the wonderful artists I had the privilege of being with.


29 Jan

29 video

OOOFFF!!! Another day without drawing because I’ve been slogging away at this film editing lark. I’ve never done it before and this is my third day at it. I had a mixture of moving shots and stills from my artist residency at Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho last year and the follow-up work I did with artists at Swansea Print Workshop after I came back. I have to make sense of it all and put it together so it’s simple and coherent and it’s been a challenge.

I just finished today’s stint a few minutes ago; it’s 10.30 pm here. But I’ve edited all the shots together and put in the titles and subtitles. On Friday, Husb is going to help me lay down a soundtrack. Nothing fancy, just a voiceover and hopefully we can upload it to YouTube on Saturday. I’m using Adobe Premier Pro and it’s been very straightforward so far.

Tomorrow I am going to DRAW!!!!! I’ve planned in some drawing time in the afternoon and there’s life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop in the evening. I’m going to draw til I drop!



New Skills

27 Jan

27 new skills

No drawing today because I’ve been learning something new; I’ve been editing my first video. Last Spring, I went to Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho to do an artist residency. While I was there I accumulated some simple film footage on my little Sony Cyber-shot and it’s been waiting 8 months for me to get round to editing it into a short video.

So I’ve been slaving in front of a hot computer all day, working on Adobe Premier Pro, cutting the footage together. I’ve done a rough cut and this evening I’ve been writing the commentary. The filming was completely unplanned and there’s no coherent soundtrack so I’m going to do a voiceover with subtitles. Husb has set me up with a YouTube channel and I hope to upload my very first film later this week.

Heads In Transit 1

15 May

15 head plane 1

I spent long hours at airports on my way to and from my recent artist residency in Boise, Idaho and I scribbled the time away. It’s a good place for studying heads. Here are two of them.

15 head 2

They are drawn into my tiny, leather-bound steampunky sketchbook, using a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size SX.

This artist residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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