Getting Nearer.

I did some more work on the “celebrity” portrait I started recently, using my new-ish pastels from the Lake District. I don’t normally work from photos or do celebs, but I need a lot of practice to try out these as they’re much softer than I’m used to. The likeness is getting nearer but notContinue reading “Getting Nearer.”

Who Is It?

I don’t generally draw celebrities but I was trying out my new pastels and there wasn’t anyone in the house so I grabbed a photo off the Internet and started scribbling their likeness. Here’s the halfway point – can you see who it is yet? Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, aContinue reading “Who Is It?”

Pastel Sausages And Scribbles.

I gave my new pastels from Florence Paintmakers a go today, on some black paper, just messing around to get the feel of them. Nice. Looks like a box of sausages though 😀 Then I had a go at sketching a head from a photo. Didn’t have time to do much today, but I’ll finishContinue reading “Pastel Sausages And Scribbles.”

As well as the gorgeous mineral pastels from Cumbria I featured in my last blog post, I also have these lovely pots of mineral pigments from the Clearwell Cave mine in the Forest of Dean. Husb and I visited last Autumn and were amazed by the beauty of the underground caverns, which are reasonably easyContinue reading

Pastels And Pigments.

Husb and I went to the Lake District for a break a couple of weeks ago and took ourselves off to the gorgeous town of Keswick. On the Main Street there’s a lovely little gallery, The Graphite Gallery, where I was able to indulge my love of natural pigments and talk at length with aContinue reading “Pastels And Pigments.”

A Walk To Sgwd Gwladys

Husb and I went for a walk in this afternoon’s sunshine to Sgwd Gwladys (Lady Falls), a waterfall on the Afon (River) Pyrddin. We stopped on the path so I could quickly sketch the view across the river to a mine entrance, partially overgrown, with Rembrandt pastels onto Khadi paper. Sgwd Gwladys is one ofContinue reading “A Walk To Sgwd Gwladys”

Stop Being Soppy!

I’m doing some freelance teaching at the moment, working with a group of adults to develop artworks in collage. Today I was showing them examples of collage using papers that the artists had coloured or marked themselves. I dug out some that I did a while back. Just Materials! Trouble is, I never get roundContinue reading “Stop Being Soppy!”

Scraping And Scribbling

I’m feeling a bit better each day as the Covid19 symptoms are going and I’m getting a bit stronger, and today was the first since the illness started 10 days ago that I’ve been able to think about doing anything remotely arty. Whenever I do a painting, I scrape any leftover acrylic paint onto spareContinue reading “Scraping And Scribbling”

From One Hill To Another

I’m going to be working in the Waun Wen area of the city for the next few months and I’ve booked the lovely community centre twice a week, as a base in the locality and as an occasional artist studio. Today was rainy but I managed to get in a drawing between showers. Here’s theContinue reading “From One Hill To Another”

Scribbling On The Common

Husb and I had a few days away last week, cautiously enjoying the relaxation in lockdown rules. We spent some time in the Lake District and I did a bit of scribbling out walking on the glorious Birkrigg Common. I used Daler Rowney Artist’s Pastels onto hand made Khadi paper. I’m facing North West inContinue reading “Scribbling On The Common”