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Life Drawing And Home Cooking

3 Oct

This life model likes to hold an unusual pose and this one was great, but an upside down face is really hard to draw. And the foreshortening was wicked. I used Daler Rowney artist’s pastels onto a heavy textured vintage paper, size about A1 – quite big. There was a spotlight on over our model which gave some radical shadows which reminded me of Toulouse-Lautrec’s drawings and paintings at The Folies Bergere so I used quite a harsh purple and green palette. This was a couple of weeks ago at the Swansea Print Workshop weekly life drawing session.

And today I did some baking. Young nephew called over so I had an excuse. Jam tarts (home made jam natch), apricot tart and chorizo / butter bean / cheese pasties. Not much left now 😀

Concrete And Astroturf??!!

16 Jul

loganberry cordial

Husb and I are keen gardeners, well, no, that’s not true. I’m a keen gardener and Husb would happily fill the garden with concrete and Astroturf! Our garden is small but we also have an allotment and grow a lot of fruit and some veg. At this time of year, we’re picking our produce which means spending time cleaning and preserving it. Today we made 6 jars of gooseberry and elderflower jam and 6 bottles of loganberry cordial and picked about 4 kilos of jostaberries (a cross between gooseberries and blackcurrants), a kilo of rhubarb and a load of rainbow chard. Not much chance of doing anything arty with all this going on, but I did this drawing a while back of our local castle which overlooks the allotments. It’s an idyllic place, we’re very lucky.

Tomorrow, I’ll be jamming all those jostaberries and making rhubarb chutney.

A Beautiful Head

24 Nov


Just back from a life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop – I concentrated on portraiture this week. I drew with conté crayons in white, black and sanguine. I made a Victoria Sandwich for our tea break with home made jostaberry jam. Now I’m tired and off to bed. Good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in 🙂



Jamming, Scribbling And A Cat

1 Jul

Despite the torrential storms throughout June, we’ve picked loads of loganberries and strawberries. Over 4 kilogrammes of loganberries so far and plenty more to come. We’re running out of room in the freezer so this evening we had a jamming session. And here’s Little Ming posing with eighteen jars of newly made loganberry jam.  There’s no sign of a let up in the bad weather – apparently it’s due to Spanish Plumes. I wish the Spanish would keep their Plumes to themselves!

Here’s one of the drawings I did at life drawing group on Thursday night. I’m keeping to Renaissance techniques for a while, using tiny pieces of handmade paper with a coloured ground and a dip pen, with a little ink wash. I’m enjoying working with these techniques, very focussed and disciplined.


25 Jun

Does what it says on the tin – here’s a cat – and some berries :D. I did loads of drawings at the studio today and forgot to photograph them, so no drawings to blog tonight. But I have two of my favourite things to blog about instead – cats and gardening. These are loganberries picked this evening from my very small back garden. There’s about a pound and a half  here and I’ve been picking a similar amount for about a week, with loads more ripening. Most of them will end up as home-made jam because we get tired of eating them fresh and loganberry jam is one of the most delicious things on the planet. We have an enclosed garden with tall Victorian stone walls. The loganberries are climbing up a south-facing wall and the microclimate is perfect for them. There’s a fig tree next to them and rhubarb below.

And here’s Little Ming in the background, not very pleased because I’ve been ambushing her with the brush whenever I can and she doesn’t like it one little bit. But it’s better than furballs. She doesn’t think so though.

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