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Tart And Dumplings

1 Oct Apple pie and dumplings on a wire tray.


It’s Autumn! Time for Autumn food. I have been given some windfall cooking apples and I had a few very ripe plums so I got the butter out of the fridge, made some pastry and turned the fruit into four apple dumplings and a large plum and apple tart. I would have drawn them, but there was no time as Husb takes no prisoners when it comes to pastries!



50 Shades Of Brown

8 Nov

workers 2

Yesterday, Husb and I went to the launch of the latest exhibition, Of Site And Song, at the lovely Workers Gallery in Ynyshir. This gorgeous venue recently celebrated its first birthday. It used to be the village library but it was closed down because of austerity cutbacks and artists Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams reopened it as a charming gallery, sculpture workshop, studio and art shop. They have also created a reading area for local people to drop in and browse art books. Chris is a sculptor and he created The Rhondda Tunnel in cardboard as the centrepiece of the new exhibition.

We drove back across the mountain but instead of our usual route  via Maerdy and Aberdare, we went through Treorchy and Pontrhydyfen. Whichever way you go the views are spectacular and during the Autumn the hills are burning with 50 shades of brown. Glorious.

workers 5



Green Man And Apples

13 Oct

theatr fwrness

Husb and I went to Llanelli this evening, to the newish Theatr Fwrness to see a performance of Autumn Fires by local storytellers Carl Gough, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw. “As we descend into the darkness of winter we gather by the fire, yet that flame which ensures our survival still reduces us to ash in the pyre, a selection of traditional tales that will carry you to the very heart of the Autumn Fire.”


At the centre of the stage area was a beautiful Green Man carved from a piece of tree trunk, surrounded by tree bark and large harvest apples. A singing bowl sat on top of it and rang out during the intense and evocative performance. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but the bottle of Dandelion & Burdock I had during the interval has quite gone to my head 😉

I used a biro pen into my new Cat’s Meow Journal from Peter Pauper Press.



Allotment Break

4 Oct


I spent almost all of September at The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict shop that became a spontaneous artspace for a few weeks before demolition. Ironically, after our awful summer of torrential rain, September was glorious and I was stuck indoors for most of it. I took the keys back to the owners last Thursday and spent the next 3 days taking an allotment break. It’s been neglected and needs a lot of maintenance as well as catching up with some Autumn sowing. It’s been lovely to be in the fresh air and gentle late sunshine, digging for hours. I love digging, I could do it all day. I planted some Meteor peas today and a late sowing of kale yesterday. I shovelled some manure onto a bed to lie fallow for a month or so, ready for a November sowing of Aquadulce broad beans.

Rain is forecast for the next couple of days so I can stay in and take stock of everything that happened at The Bagpuss Window. I took loads of photos and did a lot of filming so I need to start collating all the images and then decide what I’m going to do with them. So much happened and it would be a shame not to document and publish it. Here’s a detail of the large wall drawing I did. Most of it was spontaneous and done under the influence of gong music. More of that to come…..

The Tiniest Scribble

4 Oct


Today was hectic. So packed I didn’t have time to think. I only managed a tiny little sketch, a few fleeting minutes in a cafe. But any drawing is good. The important thing is to do it every day. In my opinion. I used a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into my A5 leatherbound Steampunk sketchbook. Which is cool.


One of the reasons I didn’t have much time to draw today is because Husb and I went for a stiff 7.5k walk along the Swansea Bay seafront. It’s so beautiful and the weather was glorious after last night’s storm. Autumn has been fabulous so far. I’m lucky to live here. Did it in an hour and a half, bit slow, need to speed up.

Slumped In The Sand

20 Aug


Husb and I have taken a few days off work for a bit of a holiday and have never been busier! We have had some little relatives staying and that’s when we realise the advantages of living near the sea. Small children love the beach, it’s free and there are plenty of people to sketch .

And after a quick scribble, I get the chance to slump in the sand, catching a bit of sunshine, although there’s already a bit of an Autumn chill in the air. This is drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size F into my leather Steampunk sketchbook, size A5.

Ruffled Feathers

3 Oct


It’s getting cold, it’s very rainy and the poor pigeons are huddling together, ruffling their feathers against the awful Autumn weather. They’re clustered on the parapet next to the landing at the studios, opposite the old Albert Hall. They also hang out on the pavement outside the flower shop below, because people feed them. Some mean people call pigeons rats with wings. I think they’re sweet. I go through phases of sketching them; they’re not easy because they keep fidgeting.

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