A Quick Scribble

Today I went to the beach. It isn’t far, just a few minutes walk, but I have hardly been there for months, what with the winter weather and the pandemic lockdown. But today was gorgeous, warm and sunny, and the Covid19 restrictions have been eased and the vaccination programme is going well. I had aContinue reading “A Quick Scribble”


I did some babysitting this morning. I didn’t sit on them, honest. We walked down to the beach, just a few minutes away and we’re having an uncharacteristic heat wave, so it was lovely down there, with lots of people enjoying the sand. The sea was right out but there were a few pools leftContinue reading “Babysitting”

Biggest. Scones. Ever.

Husb and I went with friends to the seaside town of Hastings today. I hadn’t been before and it’s a great place, a mixture of curious, kitsch and cool. It was sunny and warm and we took a long walk through the old town, full of higgledy piggledy cobbled streets and ancient buildings, interesting shopsContinue reading “Biggest. Scones. Ever.”

Building Blocks

It was a lovely evening after a cold, grey day so Husb and I took advantage and went for a walk on the beach. There were a lot of people doing the same thing and some groups playing sports on the sand. I saw these four playing volleyball. So I had to have a scribble,Continue reading “Building Blocks”

Cold On The Beach

Popped out for a walk along the beach yesterday and had a quick scribble into my A4 brown paper sketchbook with black, white and sanguine conté crayons. The sun was very bright in the sky but there were also loads of dark clouds massing between the horizon and the sun, which threw very strong highlightsContinue reading “Cold On The Beach”

A Last Little Quickie

And here’s the last of the very quick watercolour sketches I made recently, sitting in the sunshine on the clifftop in Southgate overlooking the sea. I concentrated on capturing the flow of the colours before me, rather than recording details. I’ve never been particularly into land / seascape art so I don’t have any hardContinue reading “A Last Little Quickie”

Another Quickie

I’m so lucky to live near the sea and Husb and I are often strolling along the beach, or we’ll go for a short drive to walk along cliffs or along an estuary path. I’ve started to carry my Winsor & Newton half pan watercolours and a Waterford glued block of watercolour paper to captureContinue reading “Another Quickie”

Pressure And Strokes

Another quick sketch from Swansea Bay yesterday with conté crayons into my A4 brown paper sketchbook. I concentrated on capturing a sense of the atmosphere, rather than fine detail. I limit myself to three colours, white, sanguine and black, so different tones have to be achieved by varying the pressure on the conté sticks and overlayingContinue reading “Pressure And Strokes”

A Walk On The Beach

Went for a walk on the beach, Swansea Bay, earlier today. Husb took off to do a run and I sat and scribbled into my A4 brown paper sketchbook from Seawhite’s of Brighton. I used black, sanguine and white conté crayons.  There isn’t a huge amount to draw on the beach and I’ve found thatContinue reading “A Walk On The Beach”

Recycle Reuse

I’m always surprised at what people throw away. I often pull discarded prints out of the waste paper bin at the workshop, they’re done on beautiful paper with top quality inks and can be reused for drawings and collage but still people chuck them. Other people’s waste is my raw material and I use theseContinue reading “Recycle Reuse”