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Taking Tea

13 May

tea at avebury

Husb and I had a few days away in England, staying with some lovely friends. We stopped for a break at the ancient site of Avebury. We have been there before, but to see the Neolithic stones. This time we visited the fabulous medieval manor on the site. We had a nice cup of tea and cake in the manor’s tea room. Of course, I had to have a scribble, into my tiny flowery sketchbook.


Biggest. Scones. Ever.

11 May


Husb and I went with friends to the seaside town of Hastings today. I hadn’t been before and it’s a great place, a mixture of curious, kitsch and cool. It was sunny and warm and we took a long walk through the old town, full of higgledy piggledy cobbled streets and ancient buildings, interesting shops and lovely cafes, loads of vintage and antique emporia.

We stopped for a cup of tea in the Green Cafe in the Old Town where we saw the Biggest Scones Ever. Seriously large. One of our friends ordered a cheese scone. It arrived, awesome in it’s vastness, with an ice-cream scoop of butter. It was delicious. And the tea was good too. Of course, I had to have a scribble, with a biro (ballpoint) pen into my small, flowery sketchbook.




Before The Deluge

30 Mar

aberdulais 1

It’s a Bank Holiday and rain is forecast so Husb and I got out of the house before the deluge started and went off to Aberdulais Falls for a bit of a walk, some historical instruction and to do a quick scribble or two. I used white, sanguine and black conté crayon into my spiral bound A4 brown paper sketchbook from Seawhites of Brighton. I worked very quickly as it is still quite cold, just getting down the basic details of the scene. Then off to the cafe in the old schoolroom to warm up and have a cup of tea and slice of bara brith.

Swansea Caff Culture

8 Feb


Two days, two cities, two cafes. Husb and I went to the Marina Market in Swansea today, a lovely day, cold and crisp but sunny. There was also a Preloved Fair at the adjacent National Industrial and  Maritime Museum too. It was very busy and felt for the first time that winter might be lifting. Chilled, we popped into the Museum’s excellent cafe and had pots of tea. Lovely. I did some speedy scribbles into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and F.The chap with his back to me was wearing very wrinkled clothes. Not unironed, just baggy and wrinkly. Then there was a large man by the counter wearing a black and white Swansea F.C. scarf. All scribbled in a couple of minutes. Forces you to focus on what’s really necessary.

Waiting And Brownies

6 Feb

06 waiting

It’s cold and sunny and I’m feeling well enough to go out for an hour or so as long as I don’t overdo it so today I popped down to County Hall to renew our parking permit. I spotted these ladies opposite while I was waiting. They had very similar distinctive noses and chins and I think they might be sisters or even mother and daughter. Drawn with my Pentel V5 pen into my little A6 blue silk covered sketchbook, used across both pages. Came home absolutely corpsed but after a snooze wrapped up in a blanket and then a cup of tea, I got up and made a tray of peanut butter chocolate brownies for The Husb 🙂


There’s No Escaping The Scribblegeek!

21 Nov

Drawing in conte crayon: coming round for a cuppa.

I’m such a scribblegeek that it borders on an obsessive compulsive disorder and no-one escapes, not even friends who pop around for a cuppa tea. What could I do when my pal is sitting there with that Egon Schiele pose? Just HAD to get the conte crayons and dash off a sketch into my A2 bound sketchbook. Trouble was, her tea went cold because I wouldn’t let her move. Surprised I’ve got any friends left 🙂

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