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Street Sleep

10 Dec

10 street sleep

I had an early start today and walked across the city to do some shopping to make cakes for the exhibition opening tomorrow and on my way back I spotted these two men asleep on the pavement down a side street. It was about 9.15 am and I was quite shocked. There’s one regular street person who tucks himself down every evening; he’s been doing it for decades and refuses offers of housing, preferring to live on the streets. But I’ve never seen anyone else out in the open like this. There are all sorts of reasons why people might be in this situation, but really, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it isn’t right. Why haven’t we cracked this problem yet?

On a lighter note, I’ve just finished the lemon butterream cake for tomorrow’s opening party for the group exhibition I’m in – the chocolate brownies can wait until tomorrow. I’ll post photos in tomorrow’s blog 🙂


Waiting And Brownies

6 Feb

06 waiting

It’s cold and sunny and I’m feeling well enough to go out for an hour or so as long as I don’t overdo it so today I popped down to County Hall to renew our parking permit. I spotted these ladies opposite while I was waiting. They had very similar distinctive noses and chins and I think they might be sisters or even mother and daughter. Drawn with my Pentel V5 pen into my little A6 blue silk covered sketchbook, used across both pages. Came home absolutely corpsed but after a snooze wrapped up in a blanket and then a cup of tea, I got up and made a tray of peanut butter chocolate brownies for The Husb 🙂


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