Scribbling In The Wind

Nice day so went for a walk out of the city, along the Pennard Pill valley route to Three Cliffs Bay. It was cloudy and very windy so I only stopped to do a quick scribble, with Daler Rowney soft pastels onto Khadi paper. There’s a stone spiral, called by locals “the labyrinth” where theContinue reading “Scribbling In The Wind”

Déja Vu Drawing

Back at the start of Lockdown number 1 – remember that, in March 2000 – I started drawing on my daily government sanctioned exercise walks, using willow charcoal into a Khadi handmade paper sketchbook that a friend had sent me for Xmas. My dear friend sent me another this Xmas and Lockdown number 3 startedContinue reading “Déja Vu Drawing”

Slobbing On The Settee

Today took some weird turns and I ended up doing things I wasn’t planning on, like making the most of the cooler weather to take the small hairy bandy-legged Pomerpoo for a long walk ….. and shopping for groceries …. nothing exciting. Add in a whole load of admin and a smattering of housework andContinue reading “Slobbing On The Settee”

The Bandy Legged Ball Of Fur

It’s so hot and humid with thunderstorms and downpours coming and going and we’re dog sitting for a couple of days so Husb and I are trying to take the small hairy one for walks in between the heavy showers. I followed behind the Pooch and the Husb this evening, scribbling into my sketchbook. IContinue reading “The Bandy Legged Ball Of Fur”

The Melted Rocks

One of my favourite places is Paviland, a strange otherworldly cove on the coast of the Gower Peninsula which is the site of the Goat’s Hole Cave, famous for the skeleton of the  “Red Lady of Paviland“, which is actually a young man. From the main road, it’s a fair walk across fields via aContinue reading “The Melted Rocks”

Another Quickie

I’m so lucky to live near the sea and Husb and I are often strolling along the beach, or we’ll go for a short drive to walk along cliffs or along an estuary path. I’ve started to carry my Winsor & Newton half pan watercolours and a Waterford glued block of watercolour paper to captureContinue reading “Another Quickie”

Primitive And Clunky

Went for a longish walk this afternoon in the continuing heatwave and we kept up a cracking pace and I didn’t have time to do a scribble in my sketchbook.  So I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 when I was sitting down chilling out with a cup of iced green tea (oooh getContinue reading “Primitive And Clunky”

Spots And Stripes

The weather forecast is reasonable, showery in the morning but picking up later, so tomorrow we’re out and about in some mountainous areas on the trail of some ancient stones. I’ve been working on some Fabriano paper in my home-made walnut ink and I’ll be taking some pieces to draw on. I like doing this prepContinue reading “Spots And Stripes”

Stone Circle And Lark Song

Back to the ancestral stones today with a brisk walk up Mynydd Llechart above Pontardawe to the Carn Llechart cairn circle. It’s been a gorgeous day, quite warm and very bright and sunny, deep blue skies with no clouds. The larks hovered and sang all around us and we met some jolly dog walkers, despiteContinue reading “Stone Circle And Lark Song”

Channelling Cezanne

Each ancient stone monument I visit on my travels across South Wales affects me in different ways and this is being reflected in my drawings. Here at the Neolithic ring cairn atop Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, Carmarthenshire, the angular stones contrasted sharply with the grassy hummocks surrounding them. I’m not interested in doing topographical drawings, I wantContinue reading “Channelling Cezanne”