Scribbling At The One Man Show

Husb and I took a trip to Cardiff Tuesday evening to see the writer and broadcaster David Sedaris perform his one-man show – he’s hilarious. I had a bit of a scribble first. It’s nearly always backs of heads at gigs but sometimes there are some great textures, like this woman’s hair. That was aContinue reading “Scribbling At The One Man Show”

Scribbling Outside A Cafe

Husb and I were getting a bit stir crazy working from home so went out for a cold drink this evening and sat outside a nice cafe bar for a little while. I had to have a scribble of course. The main thing about these little sketchbook drawings is not to get a perfect representationContinue reading “Scribbling Outside A Cafe”

Scribbling In A Heatwave.

Husb and I ventured out into the blistering heat later this afternoon, strolled into town and called into the cafe by the new park for a cool drink. There was a family playing ping pong so I had a quick scribble en plein air. Very quick, just enough to sketch out the basic components ofContinue reading “Scribbling In A Heatwave.”

Little Vistas

Husb and I went for a coffee and scribble to the cafe above Waterstones bookshop in Swansea today. It’s a gorgeous place, it used to be the old Carlton cinema and Waterstones renovated it very sensitively. There are a lot of interior classical features – pillars, friezes, floor to ceiling windows – which frame littleContinue reading “Little Vistas”

Simple Pleasures

This. This is what I’ve been waiting to do since lockdown started in March 2020. Just sit and drink a cup of coffee in the cafe in Waterstones bookshop and sketch. That’s all. No fancy holidays or anything like that. Just sit in my favourite cafe. Simple pleasures. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Simple Pleasures”

Cardiff Caff Culture

  Went up to The ‘Diff today to visit the excellent artspace, g39 just off City Road, a bustling part of the capital. Husb and I had a walk around the area, it was freezing and we found a proper old-fashioned greasy spoon caff where we indulged ourselves with bacon and egg baps and hot,Continue reading “Cardiff Caff Culture”