Cutting Off Your Nose …

  I was listening to Summar Ackery at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery recently. She was doing a humorous but relevant piece about a life experience, when a chap refused to get intimate because she was unshaven.  What an idiot! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! IContinue reading “Cutting Off Your Nose …”


  Another drawing I did recently at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, with Rufus Mufasa, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw amongst others, using surrealist drawing  techniques. I did this drawing while listening to one of the contributor’s telling the story of her experience of giving birth. Her words created veryContinue reading “Visceral”

Surrealist Drawing

A few weeks ago I did some live drawing at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, with Rufus Mufasa, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw amongst others. I normally work directly from life, but this time I let my hands be influenced by the rhythm and meaning of the words and musicContinue reading “Surrealist Drawing”

Swansea Jack

Husb and I spent a lovely couple of hours at a performance of “Swansea Jack”, researched, written and performed by the talented storyteller Carl Gough. We people from Swansea are nicknamed “Jacks”, supposedly after the heroic black Labrador dog who saved many people from drowning in the 1930s. Of course, I had a quick scribble,Continue reading “Swansea Jack”

Culture Vulture

Just back from a culture vulture evening, with the opening of two exhibitions, at Galerie Simpson and Volcano and the monthly Storytelling at Tapestri. Swansea is buzzing with arty shenanigans tonight. Of course, I had to have a bit of a scribble …….     I have put my series of drawings of ancient WelshContinue reading “Culture Vulture”

Storytelling And A Photobombing Cat

Just back from a great evening of storytelling at Swansea’s Tapestri art centre. I did a couple of quick sketches of the performers. It’s harder to sketch someone who’s moving but very good practice. The storytelling is a regular event on the last Friday of each month.   I’m currently working on a series ofContinue reading “Storytelling And A Photobombing Cat”

Green Man And Apples

Husb and I went to Llanelli this evening, to the newish Theatr Fwrness to see a performance of Autumn Fires by local storytellers Carl Gough, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw. “As we descend into the darkness of winter we gather by the fire, yet that flame which ensures our survival still reduces us to ashContinue reading “Green Man And Apples”

Rain, Reflections And RSI

I was ‘babysitting’ our ‘Commensalis‘ exhibition in Bath on Thursday, sitting opposite one of the old chapel windows and looking at my reflection against the torrential rain outside. During the quieter moments I sketched what I could see. It wasn’t easy because the layers that you see in a reflection are all squashed together. DoesContinue reading “Rain, Reflections And RSI”