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Swansea Jack

17 Mar

Carl Gough performs “Swansea Jack”

Husb and I spent a lovely couple of hours at a performance of “Swansea Jack”, researched, written and performed by the talented storyteller Carl Gough. We people from Swansea are nicknamed “Jacks”, supposedly after the heroic black Labrador dog who saved many people from drowning in the 1930s. Of course, I had a quick scribble, in my little red cloth covered sketchbook. I used a ballpoint pen, I love them for quick sketches because they flow so easily.

Welsh Cakes, Swansea Jack And Ladies Who Lunch.

9 Feb

Ink sketch: ladies lunching.

Managed to catch Husb’s cold so I wasn’t feeling too good at the studio this morning; by midday I had an urge for hot chocolate and a Welsh Cake – unusual because I don’t have a sweet tooth but I’ve noticed that I like chocolate and cakes much more when I’m unwell. I wandered down to a little cafe called Starvin’ Jacks as they make their own Welsh Cakes. Jacks is the nickname for people from Swansea and it’s supposed to have come from a famous dog, Swansea Jack, who rescued many people from drowning around the Swansea coastline back in the 1930’s. There is a memorial to him near the beach opposite the old cricket ground.

I settled into a chair about halfway along the cafe, facing the window, and commenced scribbling. These elderly ladies were lunching happily with friends. The hot chocolate came with lashings of whipped cream and a small chocolate flake and the Welsh Cake was spicy and delicious. Coupled with the Beecham’s Powder I took before going to the cafe, I was fortified for a couple more hours and managed to get quite a bit more drawing done back at the studio, developing preliminary sketches for a large composition. I drew this in my little cat sketchbook that I had for Xmas. It’s currently my favourite sketchbook, having usurped my little A6 recycled leather-bound sketchbook as soon as I unwrapped it. Do other artists have favourite sketchbooks I wonder?

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