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W!A!M! At The Workers

31 May

WAM night June 2018

Coming up fast – Thursday June 7th at The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir from 7pm. There will be art (from me), film (from Melvyn Williams), prehistory (from Dewi Bowen), cake, chocolates (from Afan Vale) and there may even be music. All free. How can you miss this? If you haven’t visited this little gem of a gallery before, then make this your first time. It’s run by artists for artists and it’s just awesome and it’s Trip Advisor’s number 1 attraction in the Rhondda Valley and yet receives NO public funding. So please come and support it. The W!A!M! evenings are on the first Thursday of every month and are brilliant. Seriously. And I’m not just saying that because I’m in the next one. Honest 😉

Here’s a tiny preview of what to expect from Melvyn’s film ….


Higgledy Piggledy

17 Apr

We’re in Bruges. There is a Museum of Chocolate.  There is a Museum of Chips. It’s a very cultured place. Like many very old cities, the buildings have evolved without much uniformity and the rooftops are all higgledy piggledy.  I managed a quick graphite sketch in my A5 hardback sketchbook,  it’s been pretty cold so I couldn’t do any more.



Husb and I are having an early night because we were up at one o clock this morning and we’ve already crammed a lot in.

Ruskin And Chocolate

3 Aug

Here’s one I scribbled yesterday when I took my little nephew to the top of the Swansea Tower, Wales’ tallest building. I’m getting a bit better at drawing the cityscape; I’m developing a shorthand of marks that are individual to me so I don’t slip into doing an architectural drawing. I did a short course on the Ruskin style of topographical drawing a few years back and although it was interesting (it was in his house, Brantwood, in the Lake District) and also good discipline, that style of drawing isn’t for me. I had a fair bit of time to sketch – the boy took ages to come to terms with his huge glass of hot chocolate and chocolate brownie. He bounced for hours after.

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