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Pollards And Barns

14 May


Husb and I took a walk around Avebury village over the weekend. There are a few medieval barns, thatched of course and lots of trees, quite a lot had been pollarded. The older barns are a bit higgledy piggledy, bent and sagging with age. I had a scribble. Of course!


Higgledy Piggledy

17 Apr

We’re in Bruges. There is a Museum of Chocolate.  There is a Museum of Chips. It’s a very cultured place. Like many very old cities, the buildings have evolved without much uniformity and the rooftops are all higgledy piggledy.  I managed a quick graphite sketch in my A5 hardback sketchbook,  it’s been pretty cold so I couldn’t do any more.



Husb and I are having an early night because we were up at one o clock this morning and we’ve already crammed a lot in.

Higgeldy Piggledy Town

16 Feb

16 llandeilo

Husb and I took a ride down to the Fountain Fine Art gallery in Llandeilo today to drop off 10 of my etchings for the forthcoming exhibition of emerging Welsh artists, opening on Saturday 23rd February. It’s been a fine, bright day and after so much time spent indoors recently because of the lurgi, it was nice to stand in the main street for a while and sketch some of the odd, quirky little buildings. It’s a lovely town, built higgledy-piggledy on a hill above a classic meandering river that winds through a lush green flood plain dotted with little oxbow lakes. It reminds me of  school geography lessons.

Then we drove back along the A40 through Dryslwyn, Carmarthen and past Kidwelly, a glorious route, swinging by Saith Gallery in Burry Port which is showing a marvellous exhibition of collages by Melanie Ezra. They also serve excellent tea and homemade cake in their little cafe. Both galleries, and their little towns, are well worth a visit.

Drawn with Pentel V5 and Faber Castell Pitt pens into my A6 blue silk recycled sketchbook.

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