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Tatts And Flowers

16 Feb

2019 gvag

I went to a talk at the Glynn Vivian art gallery in Swansea a few days ago and had a quick scribble of people in the audience. I noticed this woman with an armful of tattoos, a big hairbow and a retro floral dress. Made me smile.

The Red Admiral

10 Jun



I went to the opening of the Art In The Tawe Valley (AitTV) group show this evening at Pontardawe Arts Centre. It was fab. Lots of lovely art, artists and conversations. I took a few minutes for a quick scribble, a woman in a backless dress showing her rather lovely butterfly tattoo – a Red Admiral I think. I used to recognise lots of butterflies when I was little, but there don’t seem to be so many around any more.


Here are three of the artists exhibiting at the show who have close links with Swansea Print Workshop. Viv is exhibiting a beautiful landscape in hand-made felt, Leanne a delicate illustrative canvas, and Doodlemum a selection of her delightful drawings of everyday family life. The Tawe Valley Arts Week is happening at many venues up and down the Swansea Valley until June the 19th. Check out what’s happening here.


I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.

An Older Woman (Female Nude)

8 Mar


I like to work with this older model at life drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop. She is covered with blue tattoos of plants and animals that belong to the food chain; ants and flies run all over her body, chased by lizards and they swarm over her shoulders into carnivorous pitcher plants. She is very voluptuous, which is great to draw. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note and a free Markers app and it took about 45 minutes. The advantage of a digital drawing is that you can save reguarly and turn it into a slideshow which tracks the development of the drawing.

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A Cartoon Nude

30 Dec

Dec 30


So I was only out for about 40 minutes first thing and I didn’t have time to scribble anything and I’ve been working on the computer all day because it isn’t all about creating arty stuff, I wish it was and I’m fed up scribbling my feet, Husb and the cats so here’s one from the archives, from a sketchbook about 7 years ago. I was going through a phase of dividing up my page into cartoon boxes and drawing the model in different poses in each box, cropping the figure to fit. I worked directly onto the paper in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, as usual. I’ve never drawn in pencil first and inked over – straight in at the deep end, that’s me. This is an elder model who has many tattoos, of lizards, insects and carnivorous plants all over her body. As you do. And now, back to the computer stuff. 😦

Pink Kimono And Tatts

13 Feb


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I made a spiced carrot cake for our tea break; I warmed it in the microwave for a few seconds before serving it. This is an older model who has some amazing tattoos; lizards chasing flies and spiders into carnivorous plants all over her body. She has a gorgeous pink, patterned kimono-style robe. This is a twenty-minute pose that I drew on my Samsung Galaxy tablet using the Markers free app. It’s dead handy for colour work because I’m a bit lazy and don’t really want to set up my watercolours or inks. It’s pretty packed out so there’s not much room anyway.


Nude And Flower

21 Apr

21 mari tattoo

Here’s a life drawing of one of our older models; a retired teacher who is covered with tattoos. I drew her in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and black and white conte crayon, onto a piece of mountboard that I’d prepared with a couple of coats of acrylic gesso and then randomly sponged some Indian ink wash. After finishing the figure, I focussed in on one of her tattoos, a pitcher plant, and drew a more detailed study of it. Got a lurgi – so many going around throughout the long, hard winter, so cwtched up in a blanket with Sparta Puss snuggled next to me, sipping Beecham’s Powders. I’m sipping them. Not Sparta. She’s a cat. Must shift the lurgi before I go to the USA, which is only NEXT WEEK!!!!!


More Old Life

2 Feb

02 maris

The dreaded lurgi is getting a little bit better each day but I’m still finding it hard to do much and that includes drawing. My brain’s like mush and doesn’t want to tell my hands what to do, so I’ve been searching through my old sketchbooks to blog some blasts from the past. About 5 years ago I went through a Marvel / DC phase of life drawing, putting my models into a comic book format. I liked the effect but it was a hack of a challenge to draw because if I made a mistake, the whole thing was ruined. Good discipline! Here’s our tattooed model who is a retired science teacher, drawn into an A3 sketchbook, using the double pages.

Shady Lady

15 Nov


Just got back from life drawing at the most excellent Swansea Print Workshop and I’m cream-crackered. Here’s my shady lady, our retired biology teacher who also happens to be heavily tattooed with flies, spiders, lizards and carnivorous plants. I love drawing older models, so much character in their bodies. I drew with a dip pen and Indian ink, using a square cut sable brush to apply the wash, into an A3 spiral bound sketchbook.  Now I’m going to catch up with the first episode of the new series of The Big Bang Theory and then to bed. Goodnight gentle readers …….. 🙂

Tatts And A Full Cooked

19 Sep


Husb and I were up and about early on Sunday, helping to hang my latest exhibition, Rinascere, at The Brunswick. It opens this evening, with lashings of cake, from 7.30 pm so if you’re passing, please call in. I’m exhibiting with two other artists, Patricia McParlin and Aled Rhys Hughes and the exhibition continues until November 30th.

After we’d hung the work, Husb and I felt the need for a Full Cooked Breakfast so off we went to the local greasy spoon caff and had their finest FCB, with extra black pudding on the side. nom nom nom. I had time for a quick scribble and spotted this chap in the corner, tucking into his FCB and sporting some splendid tattoos. Then my enormous breakfast arrived and I lost interest in him. I need to diet for a week to work it off though 🙂

Here’s one of my little solar plate etchings from the Rinascere exhibition…..


Orchids and Lizards

1 Aug

This is one of our wonderful models from Swansea’s life drawing group. She’s a retired teached who has the most marvellous tattoos over her body; ants and flies running around being chased by lizards; pitcher plants and orchids trailing over her back and shoulders. I’ve used some of her tattoos as motifs in other parts of the drawing. She has a whole new career since she retired, inspiring artists.

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