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Naked Man On A Stool

28 Aug

Alan on stool

Here’s another one from the archives. I still have a rotten cold and I haven’t done any drawing today because I’m wallowing in misery and grumbling for Wales! I went through a phase of doing these life drawings in watercolour and pens a while back, using Winsor & Newton paints, sable brushes and Faber Castell Pitt pens onto Cotman watercolour paper. I like to use the paints in this choppy, psychedelic fashion, getting away from realism. Now that I’ve revisited them, I really like the technique and I’m going to do more. When I get rid of this filthy lurgi. 😡

This model has been working with our artist group at Swansea Print Workshop for some years now. He’s an older man and a very experienced model. People think that it’s easy, just sitting around while people draw you, but it’s not. I’ve done it – it’s tougher than it looks.

Here’s a short video with me and some of my art, and two of my fellow artists. It’s showing alongside our current exhibition at Taliesin Arts Centre and it’s only 4 minutes. Just about bearable. And I don’t grumble once in it. Honest.


More Old Life

2 Feb

02 maris

The dreaded lurgi is getting a little bit better each day but I’m still finding it hard to do much and that includes drawing. My brain’s like mush and doesn’t want to tell my hands what to do, so I’ve been searching through my old sketchbooks to blog some blasts from the past. About 5 years ago I went through a Marvel / DC phase of life drawing, putting my models into a comic book format. I liked the effect but it was a hack of a challenge to draw because if I made a mistake, the whole thing was ruined. Good discipline! Here’s our tattooed model who is a retired science teacher, drawn into an A3 sketchbook, using the double pages.

Return Of The Lurgi

27 Jan

Ooooffff! Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does with a vengeance. Serves my own right for being complacent and thinking I was well enough to go off playing in the snow instead of nursing the rotten chest infection I had. The next day I was well and truly poleaxed and I’ve been in bed for the last 4 days. I haven’t been able to blog or draw, reading hasn’t been easy because my eyes hurt so much and my body feels like I’ve been used as a doormat by a Woolly Mammoth. I haven’t been as ill as this for 25 years and that was a rotten chest infection too.

But thanks to the marvels of the Internet, my enforced bedrest was relieved by watching art documentaries on YouTube, first some on Paleolithic cave art, which is a passion of mine and then the entire BBC series with Nigel Spivey, How Art Made The World. If you haven’t see it, believe me, it’s brilliant.


Deer 9

I saw some paleolithic art close up when I visited Pakistan a few years back. The bus driver stopped on a mountain road next to some rocks which were smothered with ‘petroglyphs’, pictures of animal and the occasional human carved into the rockface. I drew some into my travel sketchbook and when I came back, I carved some of them into lino and printed them up.

linoprint Karakoram Mythic Animal 2

I’ve been a bit bonkers about paleolithic art since.

Manthrax And The Kitteh

22 Jan

22 cat 1

I’ve got the dreaded lurgi! I hate being ill and I’m every bit as miserable and whingeing as the stereotypical man with ‘Mathrax’. There’s not a lot I can do about it except wrap up in a blanket, have lots of  hot drinks and an array of remedies including decongestants, throat lozenges, cough medicine and cherry vanilla icecream. Strictly for medicinal purposes you understand.

22 cat 2

It’s sooooo frustrating not being able to do very much. Sparta the psychokitty spent some time on my lap, sharing the blanket, so I managed to do a few scribbles of her – she joined in.

22  cat 3

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