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The Trim Trail And The Lurgi.

1 Aug


Had a bit of a lurgi this week so I hadn’t been down to the Trim Trail for a few days. It’s a free outdoor gym on the promenade of Swansea Bay, about 15 minutes walk away. I try to get a half hour workout 3 or 4 times a week. Stupidly, I didn’t pace myself and jumped straight into it despite still having quite a heavy cold. That was a mistake. Feeling rotten again now. I managed a couple of 3 minute head sketches, practicing for my secret assignation next week 😉

Digital Finger

5 Jan


Still got a rotten cold and it’s been pouring down today so drawing opportunities indoors were limited. Husb stepped up as usual. I tried something different with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, doing a finger painting and then using the stylus to scribble over it, with the Magic Marker app. I’m enjoying experimenting with digital drawing; I need to concentrate on its differences rather than similarities to conventional drawing materials.

Crumbly Gargoyle

9 Sep

08 gargoyle

Husb and I spent a couple of days in Dieppe in North-West France last week and I did a few scribbles as I wandered around. I’m a bit of a sap for old churches, especially those with flying buttresses and gargoyles and Saint Remy has loads of crumbling gargoyles grimacing down into the narrow, cobbled streets, each different and each with gaping mouths to let the rain through. This one has a tiny little man crouching beneath him, but the church exterior is in very poor condition and many of the features are indistinct.

I forgot to prepare my sketchbook with brown wrapping paper before I went and had to use some scraps from my friend and a spray-on glue which showed through. There really isn’t a substitute for Pritt in my opinion. I drew with Faber Castell Pritt drawing pens. I’ve come back with a cold! A French lurgi, or should that be Un Lurgi Francais?

Nude And Flower

21 Apr

21 mari tattoo

Here’s a life drawing of one of our older models; a retired teacher who is covered with tattoos. I drew her in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and black and white conte crayon, onto a piece of mountboard that I’d prepared with a couple of coats of acrylic gesso and then randomly sponged some Indian ink wash. After finishing the figure, I focussed in on one of her tattoos, a pitcher plant, and drew a more detailed study of it. Got a lurgi – so many going around throughout the long, hard winter, so cwtched up in a blanket with Sparta Puss snuggled next to me, sipping Beecham’s Powders. I’m sipping them. Not Sparta. She’s a cat. Must shift the lurgi before I go to the USA, which is only NEXT WEEK!!!!!


Comfort Food

18 Feb

18 comfort 2

As I get over the lurgi, poor Husb goes down with it! He’s been looking after me for the past month and it’s my turn now. He needs comfort food so some home-made chicken and vegetable soup followed by a banana cake with Snickers cream. That’s two Snicker bars, melted with a pot of double cream, cooled and whipped and used to sandwich and top the cake. Then I grated another Snickers bar over the top. Here he is, poor dab, wrapped up in a blankie on the settee. Reeves pencil (F) into an A6 spiral bound hardback Winsor and Newton sketchbook.

18 comfort 1

Just A Quickie

12 Feb


The lurgi is still with me but I managed a couple of hours pottering today, showing an old friend some of my work in exhibitions, then I went home and crashed. It’s very frustrating because I can’t get the energy to do any artwork when I’m in this state. So here’s one I did earlier :).

I was doing some direct line monotypes in the studio a while back and as I started to clean the ink off the perspex, I liked the smudgy marks, so I quickly scribbled a figure in the corner with a cotton bud (Q tip) and took the print (a reduction monotype) onto some acid-free tissue I had hanging about, very gently smoothing it with my hand. I’d always thought that you needed a press to take a reductive print, but it depends on the thickness of the paper. Using really thin tissue worked quite well, so I’ll do some more experimenting with it – when I finally get rid of this dreaded lurgi!!!!!

Wobbly Lurgi Man

29 Jan

29 doctors

I finally went to the doctor today because my lurgi just wasn’t shifting. I had to wait a while so I got stuck in, drawing the chap opposite me in the waiting room. Unfortunately, it was boiling in there and that set off my hideous hacking cough, which made the drawing very wonky. I had to keep putting it down to go out into the corridor where it was cooler and my cough calmed down a bit.

Turns out it isn’t seasonal flu, but a bacterial infection that snuck into my lungs when my immune system was successfully fighting off a viral throat infection, which is what I first went down with almost a fortnight ago. I’ve been hanging on thinking it’ll go, as viral infections do, but it was just getting worse. Anyway, I’ve started on antibiotics this evening and I’m already feeling better with hardly any cough. Hopefully I’ll be back doing some non-wonky art in a day or two. Sparta’s getting into posing with my sketchbook now.

Big Paw, Little Boots

28 Jan

28 big paw

I’m past the exhausted, bed-ridden phase of the lurgi and I’m quite alert but the downside is that I’m awake to feel every miserable symptom. The medications don’t seem to be helping much any more so I’m trying to take my mind off it by sketching Husb and his boots. Sparta likes this little blue silk sketchbook because it has a ribbon with a glass bead to mark the pages. It keeps her entertained for ages. Tomorrow, I’m throwing in the towel and going to see the doctor. I normally let things run their course but I’ve had this lurgi for 10 days now and it’s not getting better. I’ve got too much to do – I can’t afford to be ill.

An Oldie

6 Nov

Feeling bleeuurrgghhh. Got a bit of a lurgi. I did a long teaching stint down at Print Workshop today then went to work at my studio, then grabbed some chips with Husb before going to an event at the Print Workshop then walked home feeling dog rough. So I’ve been wrapped in a blankie in front of the telly for the past couple of hours and that’s where I’m staying. And I didn’t do any scribbling today so here’s an oldie from one of my old sketchbooks. I went through a phase of drawing in pen into an A3 sketchpad, taking in the surroundings as well as the model in life drawing group.

Back And Raring To Go!

24 Sep

I’ve had five whole days away from the computer. The RSI problem came back with a vengeance and coupled with a nasty lurgi, I decided to take a bit of a break from t’Internet. I’ve still been busy in the studio though, developing some plans for a series of larger scale subtractive drawings. I stretched some sheets of Fabriano Accademica onto the studio wall and gave them two coats of acrylic gesso. I rubbed in compressed charcoal over the surface of two of the sheets and coated the third with graphite, smoothing it over with a rag dipped in turpentine. Then I transferred one of my life drawings to a smaller bit of charcoal-coated card to do a practice piece before committing myself to the larger paper. I like this technique very much; the resulting drawing is rather like a mezzotint.

This shows the stretched paper coated with compressed charcoal either side of the piece I covered with graphite, before it had been smoothed over with turpentine.

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