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Drawing In The Moment

22 Dec

qusayr 2


I prefer to sketch when I’m travelling and take very few photographs because when I look back at photos and drawings, it’s the sketches that put me back into the moment and make the memory more vivid. Here’s a quick sketch outside the UNESCO World Heritage site, Quasayr’ Amra, a desert castle in the north of Jordan, to the eaast of the capital city of Amman.

Drawing In The Pleasure Palace

21 Dec

drawing 1

Husb and I travelled to a lot of fascinating places during our recent trip to Jordan. I did this drawing in Qusayr’ Amra, a desert castle, pleasure palace and UNESCO World Heritage site in the east of the country. It’s about 1,700 years old and it’s interior is covered in magnificent frescoes, unusually for a Moslem country because they accurately represent animals and humans. In this particular one (above), I noticed that she only has three fingers, which is very common in modern cartoons. And the use of patterns in some of the paintings (below) is very contemporary.





Almost Manga

7 Mar


We have some little relatives staying for a sleepover and of course, they are scribbling fodder. My little niece was cwtched on the settee watching a film and I tried to draw her. So very hard! All children are aliens! They have such weird proportions – HUGE eyes, little turned up nose, tiny chin and chubby cheeks. She looks like a Manga cartoon! Every time I tried she ended up looking like a character in a comic book! None of these actually look like her, I’m still struggling so hard to get the proportions right. I’ll get there. I’ll keep on trying. I’ll crack it eventually. Scribbled into my new A5 hardbacked sketchbook with a graphite stick.

Bit of trivia. There is a now unused graphite mine in Cumbria, the Lake District, which used to provide the graphite for cannonball manufacture in the days of Elizabeth the First and pencils have been made there since the 1830s. There’s even a pencil museum in Keswick, a grand day out.

A Cartoon Nude

30 Dec

Dec 30


So I was only out for about 40 minutes first thing and I didn’t have time to scribble anything and I’ve been working on the computer all day because it isn’t all about creating arty stuff, I wish it was and I’m fed up scribbling my feet, Husb and the cats so here’s one from the archives, from a sketchbook about 7 years ago. I was going through a phase of dividing up my page into cartoon boxes and drawing the model in different poses in each box, cropping the figure to fit. I worked directly onto the paper in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, as usual. I’ve never drawn in pencil first and inked over – straight in at the deep end, that’s me. This is an elder model who has many tattoos, of lizards, insects and carnivorous plants all over her body. As you do. And now, back to the computer stuff. 😦

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