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Tatts And A Full Cooked

19 Sep


Husb and I were up and about early on Sunday, helping to hang my latest exhibition, Rinascere, at The Brunswick. It opens this evening, with lashings of cake, from 7.30 pm so if you’re passing, please call in. I’m exhibiting with two other artists, Patricia McParlin and Aled Rhys Hughes and the exhibition continues until November 30th.

After we’d hung the work, Husb and I felt the need for a Full Cooked Breakfast so off we went to the local greasy spoon caff and had their finest FCB, with extra black pudding on the side. nom nom nom. I had time for a quick scribble and spotted this chap in the corner, tucking into his FCB and sporting some splendid tattoos. Then my enormous breakfast arrived and I lost interest in him. I need to diet for a week to work it off though 🙂

Here’s one of my little solar plate etchings from the Rinascere exhibition…..


Etched Out!

29 Jul

Had a full-on intaglio week – made three new solar plates and proofed seven. This is one I based on a much larger life drawing. I’m using text repetitively in some of my work because I like the pattering effect it gives. I drew this onto Mark Resist rather than Truegrain as it’s cheaper – I’m pleased with the result. I have black etching ink ingrained into my fingers and I’m shattered. So much time on my feet and then the allotment today on top of it all. Never mind, picked 4 pounds of blackcurrants – they’re cooking away in the kitchen for jelly, butter and cordial; three pounds of redcurrants – they’ll be jellied too; some luscious spinach and beetroot for tea tomorrow.

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