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14 Oct


Another hospital visit today, this time taking a relative to the phlebotomy department for blood tests. That’s three relatives in hospital for some reason over the past 2 weeks. Thank goodness for the NHS. This is free apart from the costs of getting there. Of course, we pay through our taxes and national insurance, but it’s when things like this happen that you realise how lucky we are. I had a quick scribble in the waiting room, drawing into my little spotty A6 sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S, F and B and a graphite pencil (B).

The Grand Dude Rocks

13 Dec

The Grand Dude

It’s been a tiring week but after tomorrow I’ll be able to have a bit of a break from arty stuff and enjoy some time off. On Wednesday evening I was at the opening of a group show I’m in at The Brunswick. It’s been a long haul as I have work in 2 other exhibitions at the moment and it’s been a lot of effort to get all the pieces finished and framed. But it’s all done now.

This is one of the pieces in the show, ‘The Grand Dude Rocks’, a transfer print overlaid with an original drawing based on a sketchbook scribble. I saw this chap when I was visiting at the hospital last year. He was rocking on his headphones. Brilliant. 😀



Talking Heads

17 Sep

Dad-in-law almost got out of hospital today, but a last minute cough foiled his escape bid, so I get to keep on drawing patients and visitors for a little while yet. These two chatting away in the corner had quiffs and may have been Teddy Boys when they were younger – they’re about the right age. Drawn with a Pilot V5 pen [0.5mm] into my new-ish purple silk, embroidered and recycled sari A5 sketchbook with a tassle and a little tiny bell.

Dying, Dozing and Da Vinci

17 Aug

In the last few years of my dear uncle’s life, I’d go round to visit and shout from the front door, “Hello Uncle. How’re you?” He’d shout back, “Dying, but apart from that I’m fine.” The first time he said that, it was like a knife ripping through me and he could see my distress. He said, “I’m nearly ninety. I’ve got heart disease and cancer. But I’ve had a great life, I’m happy and at peace with myself. Don’t worry about it.”

I realised that he was taking his responsibilities seriously and doing his job, bringing up the young ‘uns. Yeah, I know we baby boomers are now middle-aged, but to our parents generation, those that are left, we’re still the kids. And he was trying to get me to understand that there comes a time when death isn’t daunting, but something natural and even something to joke about. He died peacefully a few months ago. He was a good man.

Tonight, visiting at the hospital, I drew the same elder that I drew last night, as he dozed. I’d treated myself to a new Pentel V5 pen earlier and scribbled into my little leather-bound recycled sketchbook. He woke shortly after and we had a chat about the audio-book he’d been listening to – The Da Vinci Code. He thought it was a ripping yarn. So did I 🙂

Visible Elders

16 Aug

Back to the hospital visiting routine, keeping an elder relative company. The elderly man in the next bed, although very ill and frail, was having an animated conversation with his visitors, thoroughly enjoying their company. It’s so easy to see elders in a negative way and forget that they have a voice that should be heard; that they have as much right to be visible as younger people.  Our media are obsessed with youth. It’s so fake. We shouldn’t have a society that turns away from our elders and shuts them up in homes and hospitals and doesn’t represent them in the media, except through thoroughly patronising images. Look at the self-portraits of Rembrandt as he got older. So much more interesting, more powerful, extraordinary.

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