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Sniffles And Sweets

16 Sep

I am such a wimp. I’ve got a cold and I’ve retreated to my settee with a blanket, aspirin and a big bag of sweets – Gummy Bears, my favourites (I rarely eat sweets except when I’m not well). I can’t work up the motivation to do any art while I’m wallowing in sniffly misery so I’m looking back through my archives of digital drawings to start putting them in order.


This is a group of drawings I did from photos of foxes a few years back when I first had my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet, using a free app called Markers.



Ice Cream And Martini

24 Jul

A fellow blogger calls me the ‘Martini artist’ because I draw anytime, anyplace, anywhere. That dates the both of us as it’s the slogan from Martini adverts from way back when dinosaurs roamed the planet :).  I never pass up the chance to have a quick scribble. This was in a cafe in Mumbles a couple of evenings ago. It’s a very comfy cafe-bar with well padded seats and magazines left about the place. We were listening to Swedish Folk/Jazz duo, Anna Eriksson and Andreas Noren. Fab.

I don’t normally have a sweet tooth, but when it’s very hot, as it has been for about 4 days now, I get a craving for sweet things. Maybe it’s something to do with dehydration. Anyway, I ate icecream twice yesterday AND the day before so I thought I mustn’t do that again. Then these little fellas jumped out at me when I was walking through town. They’re like jelly babies but much older and with bad attitude. I saw them off. All of them. Take No Prisoners! 🙂

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