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The Ice Cream Queue

1 May

Queueing has been a big feature of the pandemic lockdown and I’ve been scribbling them on and off. This was part of a queue for the ice cream van on the seafront at Criccieth in North Wales a couple of weeks ago. It was a fabulously sunny day and the local icecream, Cariad Gelato, was worth waiting for. I drew this with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into an A6 bound sketchbook.

A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks

I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I have given these antique artifacts a modern twist by combining them with images of rubbish – old fruit nets, bubble wrap and plastic – highlighting the problem of human pollution and how it affects wildlife.

To buy my work on the Swansea Print Workshop site please click the image to the left and to see the complete image.

20 percent of the cost of each screenprint sold goes to support Swansea Print Workshop, which receives no public funding.

Mud, Stones And Ice Cream

1 Apr

Nant Tarw circle

Yesterday we trekked up the mountain near Trecastle to visit the Nant Tarw stone circles and cairn. The Bronze Age circles are made up of small, rather insignificant stones and although fascinating historically and culturally, they were not particularly inspiring visually. However, the scenery was absolutely spectacular, with the Fan Brycheiniog face of Mynydd Du (the Black Mountain) in the distance.

Nant Tarw circle 2

I used Fabriano paper prepared with my own home-made walnut ink. I choose each piece carefully, looking between the paper and the subject until a  piece of paper suggests itself to me. I took a non-representational stance with this drawing, barely sketching the outline of the stones in white conte crayon in the foreground and focussing on the snow strewn Fan Brycheiniog instead, using white conte, black carbon and a pale blue oil pastel for the sky.

Nant Tarw landscape

We walked back by a more direct route, following the River Usk down to the car park. Although it was quicker, it was much rougher terrain and despite the glorious sunshine, the ground was boggy and muddy after months of almost unbroken rain. Although we were near the source of the Usk and it was quite narrow, the river banks were slippery, treacherous with deep, very deep, mud. I was about to cross onto a stepping stone and suddenly my left leg disappeared up to my knee in slurping sludge, my balance went and I pitched backwards into the thick mire, covering myself in the oozing mud from the waist down, to the mirth of my fellow travellers. Luckily I was wearing good boots and waterproof trousers and jacket, which saved my clothes but not my dignity. We gave up then and went off to Brecon for an icecream.

I Scream Ice Cream

17 Feb


Just a quick one at the end of the evening, a speedy sketch I did at the local ice cream parlour, Joe’s, a landmark for generations of Swansea Jacks, one of the widespread Italian cafés that grew across Wales in the early 20th century.

The ice cream is sublime, possibly the best vanilla in the world.

Drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size F into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook.

Knickerbocker Glory

1 Jun


So Husb and I took the little nephew for his first Knickerbocker Glory today. He’s been hassling for one for a few years and Husb promised to get him one when he turned 10. Today was the day. And he was not impressed. “It’s just a big fruit salad with ice cream! It’s healthy!” And that wasn’t a compliment. He still managed to eat most of it though. I sketched him using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app.


27 Jul

Sparta Puss here! I’ve taken control of the furless monkey’s pooter-box again. They’ve been out for a curry and an ice-cream and now they’re lying around like large sea-mammals out of water. Why any mammals would want to live in the sea is beyond me! Anyway, I’ve been busy hunting lately; a few dead ones but mostly bringing them in alive because it’s such a laugh watching the baldapes running round in a panic, shrieking the place down. It’s enough to make a cat laugh! They had some of their furless monkey-pals around for tea the other day – chicken and bread and butter pudding – I licked the pud, it was full of custard. I brought them a live mouse to spice things up a bit and they got terribly annoyed; said I was upsetting their visitors. Wusses!

The she-monkey has been doing etching stuff again. Keeps her out of trouble and off my case. Here’s one she did of me – it’s called a solar plate and she’s printed it in Intaglio Printmaker’s etching ink – Drypoint Shopmix with a smidgen of Easy Wipe in black onto Somerset 250gsm paper. I knew that.

Ice Cream And Martini

24 Jul

A fellow blogger calls me the ‘Martini artist’ because I draw anytime, anyplace, anywhere. That dates the both of us as it’s the slogan from Martini adverts from way back when dinosaurs roamed the planet :).  I never pass up the chance to have a quick scribble. This was in a cafe in Mumbles a couple of evenings ago. It’s a very comfy cafe-bar with well padded seats and magazines left about the place. We were listening to Swedish Folk/Jazz duo, Anna Eriksson and Andreas Noren. Fab.

I don’t normally have a sweet tooth, but when it’s very hot, as it has been for about 4 days now, I get a craving for sweet things. Maybe it’s something to do with dehydration. Anyway, I ate icecream twice yesterday AND the day before so I thought I mustn’t do that again. Then these little fellas jumped out at me when I was walking through town. They’re like jelly babies but much older and with bad attitude. I saw them off. All of them. Take No Prisoners! 🙂

Gonzo And The Double Cone

18 Jun

More sun today so I took my young niece for an icecream after school. We sat outside the ice-cream parlour overlooking the marina and I scribbled away while she munched her way through a mint-choc-chip-bubble-gum-double-cone. There were two very elderly gents at the next table, taking in the too-rare sunshine and one of them looked, to me anyway, like gonzo-king Hunter S. Thompson might have looked like if he’d survived another couple of decades. So I scribbled him as well. Both sketches took a couple of minutes each and are in HB pencil into a Daler Rowney A6 smooth cartridge, spiral bound sketchbook.


Hunter S. Thompson is probably my favourite author. I particularly love his collaborations with Ralph Steadman, whom I regard as one of Britain’s finest artists, and Steadman’s funny and poignant story of their relationship, The Joke’s Over. The sunshine didn’t last much longer; we walked home in the rain 😦

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