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4 Oct


Day 3 of the 40 Day Drawing Challenge set by Green Olive Press in Morocco and today I’m going fruity with a ripe pomegranate. I rarely draw still life so I’m using the Challenge to practice, one object at a time and working up to a large composition by the end. I’m taking inspiration from other artists who work with still-life. Matisse is an obvious one, but I’m very taken with the work of fellow art blogger Aletha Kuschan. Do check her work out (here), it’s sumptuous. I drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a basic free app called Markers.

I saved the drawing several times as I went along and the slides below show the different stages.


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Knickerbocker Glory

1 Jun


So Husb and I took the little nephew for his first Knickerbocker Glory today. He’s been hassling for one for a few years and Husb promised to get him one when he turned 10. Today was the day. And he was not impressed. “It’s just a big fruit salad with ice cream! It’s healthy!” And that wasn’t a compliment. He still managed to eat most of it though. I sketched him using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app.

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