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A Snazzy Eggcup

10 Oct


I have a bit of a thing for eggcups. I buy unusual ones when I can afford to. I don’t collect them as such, I just like having weird eggcups around. I don’t use them either in case I break them. I have some really cheap, expendable ones for my soft-boiled eggs and Marmite soldiers. I drew this ceramic one for the 40 Day Drawing Challenge, using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet and a free app called Markers. I’m pushing out of my comfort zone by doing still-life studies and using digital media. I’m much more comfortable with paper, pens and charcoal.


Awkward Little Object

8 Oct


So it’s now day 7 of the 40 Day Drawing Challenge organised by Green Olive Press in Morocco and I’m working my way through individual objects to draw still-life studies. Today’s was an awkward little thing, a small marble pestle and mortar that I bought in Pakistan about 3 years ago when I was on an artist residency near Rawalpindi. I stood it on a jazzy coaster and drew onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a free Markers app. The marble was a pain to draw and doing this challenge is giving me so much more respect for artists who work with still-life, it’s not easy.

New Old Thing

6 Oct


Day 5 of the 40 Day Drawing Challenge and I scribbled this little ceramic mustard pot that I picked up for a £1 in a second-hand shop earlier this week. I drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a basic free app called Markers. I saved the drawing several times as I went along and the slides below show the different stages.

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4 Oct


Day 3 of the 40 Day Drawing Challenge set by Green Olive Press in Morocco and today I’m going fruity with a ripe pomegranate. I rarely draw still life so I’m using the Challenge to practice, one object at a time and working up to a large composition by the end. I’m taking inspiration from other artists who work with still-life. Matisse is an obvious one, but I’m very taken with the work of fellow art blogger Aletha Kuschan. Do check her work out (here), it’s sumptuous. I drew this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a basic free app called Markers.

I saved the drawing several times as I went along and the slides below show the different stages.


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A Wonky Stripey Teapot

3 Oct


It’s day 2 of the 40 Day Drawing Challenge set by Green Olive Press in Morocco and I’m taking the opportunity to draw still life. It isn’t my strongest point so I’m using the Challenge to get in some practice. I’m starting off with one object at a time so that hopefully by the end, I will be able to do a composition of several items.  I love tea so a teapot is an obvious choice. It’s a bit wonky, but that’s okay, I’m practising. Today I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet with a basic free app called Markers. If you’re thinking of trying it out, you’ll need to put in a basic coloured ground before you start drawing, even if it’s white, otherwise it looks weird when you upload the final drawing.

I saved the drawing several times as I went along and the slides show the different stages of the drawing.

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My Weakest Link

2 Oct


I’m taking part in the 40 Day Drawing Challenge set by Green Olive Press in Morocco – isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing, it’s so easy to send stuff around the world instantly. I decided to take the opportunity to push myself right out of my comfort zone and draw objects. I envy artists who can work with still life – it’s a genre that gives me so much grief. I can draw any number of humans, I’m comfortable in a cityscape, I am okay with landscape and animals are not too much of a problem – but still life! It’s my weakest link by far so I’m going to discipline myself to try out different approaches to drawing objects.  I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet and drew with a basic free app called Markers but I think I’ll try and use lots of different media throughout the challenge.


Dead Nature

16 Jun

fruit bowl


I don’t often draw a still life, I don’t know why because it can be varied and interesting and you don’t have problems with the subject moving. The French phrase for ‘still life’ is ‘nature morte’ or dead nature which maybe a more accurate description. I drew this into my A5 leatherbound sketchbook using a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S in black.


I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.

I’m A Little Teapot….

13 Aug

….short and stout. ….and a bit wonky!


Today’s sketch is practice. People, animals and cityscapes are my comfort zone but practice should take me out of that so I am going to do some simple still life studies. I don’t like it. There’s not much wriggle room in drawing objects. Never mind. I drew this with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S,F and B into my tiny A6 spotty sketchbook.

Senor Moment And Still Life

9 May

Pencil drawing in progress: still-life with street junk.

Well, I had my first encounter with Senor Moment today. I walked all the way through the city centre and started climbing the hill to visit my reflexologist and noticed my skirt looked a bit funny. I looked harder and saw that it’s hem was tucked into my tights! NOOOOOO! I haven’t done that since I was 5! Memo to self: check in the mirror before leaving the house from now on. It’s a bit of a shock; I managed to push the boundaries of youth to almost forty and I was hoping for at least three decades of middle age but seniority seems to be sneaking up on me.

I’ve been collecting things I find in the street [that would horrify my late Nana] and today I decided to start drawing a still-life with them. Here’s what I’ve done so far. I found an empty cheap extra-strong lager can left on the Studio doorstep by a street drinker; two goldie-coloured metal leaves; an icon. An eclectic mix from the mean streets of Swansea. I put them onto a page from the Independent newspaper. The drawing is in Derwent pencils, B and 5B, onto 90 gsm watercolour paper and I’m toying with the idea of using watercolour wash when the drawing bit is finished. I’ve been wanting to do some still life for a while but also wanted to do something contemporary, so collecting rubbish off the street seems to fit the bill. Or am I having another Senor Moment?

A Jar A Cat And Tasmanian Sleep Balm

19 Feb

Ink sketch: still life.

I drew a still-life yesterday and I thought I’d continue the theme for a while. Almost all my work is based on the human form so it’s a bit of a challenge for me to do something else and the still-life genre is an historical one and it’s good to keep up traditions, in my opinion. It’s also a bit of a challenge choosing things to put together into a still-life. If you collect together a load of branded items, it can end up looking like an advert. On the other hand, putting together domestic objects can be a bit boring.  So I had an entertaining half an hour searching through the house trying out different things together, discovering all sorts of stuff I didn’t know I had in nooks and crannies [also some nooks and crannies I didn’t know I had!].  It’s tempting to choose timeless objects, emulating historical still-lifes, but I wanted to use things that are fairly new, that reflect modern life.

Here’s my Winsor and Newton jar, kindly bought for me by my inlaws, which doubles up as a toothbrush holder; and a little porcelain cat that used to be a light pull in the bathroom until it fell off and I put something else on the end of the string and put the cat on a bookshelf on the landing. Then there’s the tin of lavender Tasmanian sleep balm that my dear cousin Myriam sent from Australia to help with my insomnia. It does. I still get insomnia but I stroke some balm onto my temples and usually nod back off pretty quickly. It lives on the shelf next to my pillow with my stack of books that I mean to read and recent copies of New Scientist magazine and one of those word puzzle magazines [Codewords – I can’t get enough of them] with adverts for stair lifts and commode chairs on the back.  They all have those adverts. I don’t think the publishers are aiming them at the youth market.

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