Scraping And Burnishing

10 Sep

plate prep3

I spent a very busy and creative weekend with two other printmakers from Swansea at Andrew Baldwin’s Trefeglwys Print Studio in mid-Wales, studying his non-toxic intaglio printmaking methods. We started with the ‘faux mezzotint’ technique, using his own make of etching ground to create a pitted surface, like a mezzotint plate and then, after transferring our drawings, set about creating the image by scraping and burnishing light and white tones onto the surface of the plate.

plate prep4


It’s a long and detailed process and I worked on it all afternoon and into the evening, stopping for a meal and then back into the studio until about 9.30. We were all shattered so after a quick cup of tea, we hit our pillows by 10 pm.


Exhausted But Happy!

9 Sep

plate prep

Just back from a very tiring weekend printmaking course at Trefeglwys Print Studio. It was fantastic. I learned so much and came away with a number of prints I’d be happy to exhibit and two new etching plates to edition and an etching plate to work on and finish. Result. I’m shattered now though. The first thing we did was prepare a copper plate for a ‘faux’ mezzotint, a process invented by Trefeglwys printmaker Andrew Baldwin. I think the plate is a work of art in itself.

plate prep2

I had some drawings to work from, I decided to develop three plates from my sketches of the Mari Lwyd and the faux mezzotint will be based on the middle drawing. More tomorrow, off to bed now ……..



Wally Neuzil, muse of Egon Schiele – marina’s muses

8 Sep

I love Marina’s blog, such an unusual approach

Body-Consciousness in the Art of Maria Lassnig

8 Sep

A very challenging artist. Contains nudity.

Another Face In The Crowd….

7 Sep

crisis 2018 b1


Here’s another face in the crowd who got scribbled. I can’t help myself. Leave a bit of paper and a pencil on the table in front of me and this is what happens….


Marc, Frank And Victoria (Sandwich)

6 Sep



I’m back in the house for about 20 minutes between hearing the marvellous artist Marc Rees give a talk at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery about his upcoming art extravaganza “Now The Hero / Nawr Yr Arwr” and heading off to life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet (which I used to do this drawing) and a Victoria Sandwich. As you do.

Marc spoke in front of a backdrop of projected images, including many of the glorious panels by Frank Brangwyn, which are an integral part of Nawr Yr Arwr, so he’s in silhouette. I had to have a scribble. It’s what I do….





A Face In The Crowd

5 Sep

crisis 2018 a1

I spent a couple of days in London at a conference and there were a few opportunities during breaks for a quick scribble of faces in the crowd. I did this in about 5 minutes using an HB pencil onto the conference notepaper.

The wait is nearly over

4 Sep

Coming soon, my Open Studio at Volcano.


3 Sep



Husb and I went to some talks at our local art gallery and it was hot, been a long hot summer, and people were wearing as little as possible to cope with the stuffiness. I had a quick scribble. When I was a lass, it was absolutely taboo for our bra straps to show, it was something you got paranoid about. But nowadays it seems to be quite the thing.



Between The Trees

2 Sep

between the trees

Husb and I met up with friends and spent a great day at the “Between The Trees” festival, set in woodlands near Candlestone Castle and the Merthyr Mawr nature reserve, a huge sand dune system. We walked through the dunes in the early Autumn sunshine to the picturesque saltmarsh and back and listened to some of the excellent musicians and I found a fellow scribbler! I did a very quick sketch into my A4 hardbacked book, prepared with brown parcel paper stuck in randomly with Pritt stick glue, using Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and conté crayon in black, white and sanguine.


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