The Scribblah treatment

Buying an original work of art is a very personal thing. Because it’s so personal, it’s nice when you get treated like an individual. I try to do that by giving people a little something extra.

So that you know it’s by and from me I include a certificate of authenticity. This features a description of the artwork, including some of my thoughts about my inspiration as well as details of the materials used and instructions for how to care for it.

The certificates are individually printed on 190gm, Bockingford, acid free, archival, textured paper. I’ve included an example here, which gives you an idea of the layout. I’m told the actual certificates are even more impressive.

You will also receive carefully chosen, small reproductions of some of my larger artworks, see above and below, in postcard form with a brief message from me. You can keep these with your certificate or even frame them and hang them on your wall.

Finally there is a small card featuring one of my artworks in situ. I like to draw ‘en plein air’ and will often produce a finished piece in some quite extreme conditions. I almost always take photos of the artworks directly in front of the subject so I can see how I used the shapes and colours for inspiration. This video below gives you an idea of the challenges I am up against.

To visit my online galleries, please click the image below.

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