Beefy Cobbler And Cat Sick Pie

12 Jan

Ink sketches.


Been babysitting a seven year old relative who has very definite ideas on what he will and won’t eat. I’m old school – he’ll eat a balanced meal and that’s that. I bought some very cheap braising steak and cooked it very slowly in a low oven with loads of onions and some good beef stock until it was delicious, soft and tender, mixed it with peas and grated carrot and put it into the oven with a cheesy scone topping, a traditional dish called a ‘cobbler’ in Britain. He looked at it just before I put the topping on.

“Yuk. That looks like cat sick. I’m not going to eat cat sick!”

“Yeah, of course, I cook cat sick all the time for small children!’

“Well I’m not going to eat it!”

“Wanna bet?”

I served it up at teatime. He wolfed it down and told me it was delicious. He said he wouldn’t mind having cat sick pie again.

Drawing children is hard – they have alien features. They’re all squished and their faces and heads are abnormal. Adults are so much easier. I generally don’t like to work from photographs because to my mind the work doesn’t have much life to it, so it’s good to find a way of keeping sprogs still enough to draw them. Apparently it’s frowned upon to tie them to a chair but it’s OK to stick them in front of a computer or DVD / TV. Here’s the sprog absorbed in a computer game. It’s not quite an accurate portrait of him but not bad for a first attempt; even with the computer on, he still wriggled an awful lot. I used an HB pencil and 9B graphite block into my A6 recycled paper and leather Artbox sketchbook. The drawing on the left I did a few nights ago, standing over my husb as he was reading. It’s a very odd angle and I found it very difficult to draw.


2 Responses to “Beefy Cobbler And Cat Sick Pie”

  1. paperstew January 13, 2012 at 04:40 #

    Gotta love kids for coming up with appetizing food names! He’ll probably remember that for the rest of his life! 😉

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