27 Jan

Today has been bonkers and hasn’t stopped yet [it’s nearly 7pm] and I’ve got to go out and probably won’t be back until tomorrow, so I thought I’d reblog this from last Summer, some pieces of work which travelled to a fring arts event at the Venice Biennale. I was so chuffed to get them in and they’re quite a departure from the work I had been doing. Hope you don’t mind me rreposting – I promise to do a mega lovely blog tomorrow 🙂


Had a week off and back to the studio today. Strangely I worked better this morning; I’m usually at my best after lunch. I’m a bit tired because we spent most of last week travelling, entertaining, running and digging and now it’s catching up with me. I spent my time finishing my entries for the ‘100 artists’ installation at the Venice Arts Biennale Fringe. It’s a chance to get two tiny artworks into vending machines situated in galleries in Venice. The work will be put into little plastic spheres [smaller than 10 centimetres] and collectors will have to take a chance on what they get for their money.

I’ve made two drawing / print constructions based on a traditional children’s game. ‘Pathogen’ is drawn from dangerous bacteria and viruses that attack the human animal. With the population of the planet increasing to huge numbers it becomes more likely that our…

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