22 Mar

Today I exchanged a piece of art for a generous amount of home-produced charcuterie. Here’s the blog about it 🙂


A post that strays somewhat from charcuterie, towards another of my obsessions: collecting art works. I’m a compulsive hoarder, and I’m terrible for buying paintings, drawings, photographs, etchings, prints and sculpture. Today marked my first ‘Meat for Art’, when a block-print was exchanged as payment for bacon and sausages.

However, this isn’t my first charcuterie related art acquisition. During my HCC Scholarship to the US last year, I’d stopped in Brookings, Oregon to call into their Farmers Market. Across the road was an antique shop, I wandered over for a browse and came across a collection of pig drawings. They were owned by Elmo Williams, an Academy Award Winning Film Editor. I can’t put my hand on his biography at the moment, but if my memory serves me correctly the story goes; that he would ask any visitor to his office to draw blindfolded the picture of a pig…

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  1. Patricia G McParlin March 22, 2012 at 22:27 #

    Well done!…px

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