Pigs And Onesies

23 Dec


The two little great-nephews had a sleepover and today they played Pass The Pigs with Husb – they went completely hysterical. It’s difficult to draw kids at the best of times but when they’re going crazy with excitement, you have to get their essence down in so few seconds! Here they are in their darling little onesies, apparently the ‘must-have’ thing for men this Xmas. No thanks – they’re adorable on 8 year olds, but adult males? I don’t think so :D.

4 Responses to “Pigs And Onesies”

  1. Nancy Farmer at 16:54 #

    I known a grown woman who thinks they’re they’re the next best thing, too, for her, and her bloke. Now really! Changing the name does not alter the fact that they are still just re-marketed babygrows…

  2. transhawk at 23:08 #

    my wife has three sets of footie pjs – says they keep her very warm. but then she sleeps in footies and a scarf, sleep cap, and a small blanket wraped up and around her most of the year.

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