Black And White

26 Jul


Had a long day starting with the fabulous Uplands Market this morning then an exciting trip to Llanelli to buy jam pot covers because there don’t seem to be any on sale in Swansea followed by a workout on the beach at the open air gym and then up to the opening of the new Galerie Stephanie. And I made 4 jars of summer fruits in brandy.

I finally got time to do a sketch and as I want to focus on drawing heads for a couple of weeks, Husb had to do modelling duty. I’m trying out a different technique with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8, using the free Markers app. I’m laying down a dark grey background with a large soft brush then working over with white, black and greys, again with the large soft brush, adding fine linework at the end in black and white.

6 Responses to “Black And White”

  1. Mary July 27, 2014 at 04:09 #

    Very cool, Rosie!

  2. Alli Farkas July 27, 2014 at 03:37 #

    This drawing is going in a wonderful direction!

  3. jhv57 July 27, 2014 at 00:02 #

    Like your day!

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