One From the Archives :1

Rinascere #4 

In addition to my daily blog, I have decided to publish work from the archives to let people see my wider body of finished work and at the same time, focus on individual pieces. I hope you enjoy.

Rinascere, is an Italian word meaning ‘to be reborn’ or ‘to revive’ and is the root of the word ‘renaissance. I identify strongly with its meaning ‘to revive’ in the light of current art trends which have moved away from traditional skills like drawing.

This image is from a series of my life drawings which I blogged about at the time . They use the rich, descriptive nature of the technique to it’s full. The wonderful texture of the paper accentuates the crispness of the pen and ink lines and gives added depth to the background washes, allowing the darker charcoal layer to impose itself, ominously.

The slightest of highlights, provided by white oil pastel, lift the figure out of the brooding shadows and draw the eye to the curves of the softly sleeping woman.

This drawing in Indian ink using a traditional dip pen is on handmade paper, prepared with black and sepia ink washes.

You can find out more about my techniques at the Techie Stuff section of this site.

If you would like to own this drawing is it available from Artfinder.

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To see more work on Artfinder please follow the link below.



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3 thoughts on “One From the Archives :1

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, and much to my own taste. The curled fingers, the shadows and highlights on the body, the pattern of the spread–all so right, so true. You inspire me to give this technique a try.

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