One From The Archives 24: A Pug In A Pink Sweater

Bruce the pug cuts a rare sartorial dash in this fetching pink sweater from the house of Calvin Canine. He is often the subject of my niece’s off the cuff dressing up adventures and has an extensive wardrobe.

Pug in a pink sweater

He seems to enjoy it and will happily lounge around the house in whatever is fresh off the catwalk. Being a pug he is somewhat rotund so these horizontal stripes probably aren’t the most flattering choice but he wears everything with a swagger and won’t be intimidated by society’s narrow definitions of beauty.

I’ve never seen a dog with more natural style and panache but looking back, the silk pyjamas and a smoking jacket probably was going a bit far.  Although the Fez was a master stroke.

This work is done using the suicide method of block printing. For this you produce a multi-coloured print using the same block, by progressively cutting away each colour. You end up totally destroying the block, so there’s little room for error and there’s no chance of ever doing a reprinted edition.

I printed wet on wet to get a slightly ‘fizzy’ surface texture and to encourage some colour mixing.

If you want to find out more technical details about techniques I use please click here to go through to the technical section.

The lino print “Pug In A Pink Sweater” is available for sale on Artfinder and if you’d like to find out more, please click on the link here to go directly to it or click on the top right of this page to see other works for sale.


Published by Rosie Scribblah

I'm an artist / printmaker / scribbler. I love drawing and all the geeky stuff associated with printmaking, working in a figurative style. I live in Wales with husband and demented cats. And my real name is Rose Davies :D

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